I DO! Santorini is the Ultimate Destination for a Romantic Holiday

I DO! Santorini is the Ultimate Destination for a Romantic Holiday

As Valentine’s Day approaches, holiday rental portal Holidu ranks the Cycladic isle as one of Europe’s most popular places to pop the question.

For Valentine’s Day, travel accommodation company Holidu has compiled a list of popular destinations throughout Europe which are likely to result in successful proposals. Based on social media data, these locations appear to be especially appealing to couples planning their vacations together.

   Need inspiration? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, vacation accommodation company Holidu have come up a helpful list of Europe’s most popular destinations to propose, based on numbers drawn from social media.

Famed for its breathtaking sunsets, it’s no surprise that Santorini slides in at number three, ahead of other romantic hotspots like Venice (4th), Barcelona (7th), and Prague (10th), with Mykonos in 12th, Crete 20th, and Athens 22nd.

Santorini is renowned for its gorgeous sunsets, which puts it third on a list of romantic destinations, ahead of other popular spots such as Venice (fourth), Barcelona (seventh), and Prague (tenth). Mykonos ranks twelfth, Crete twentieth, and Athens twenty-second.

The Cycladic island of Santorini is already regarded as one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations. It features scenic villages adorned with white walls, luxury accommodation (such as infinity pools), and some of Greece’s top fine-dining restaurants. The views from Santorini are unrivaled – you can see the volcanic caldera stretching out before you in all its glory. Consequently, it makes a perfect destination for romantic getaways.

Santorini is known as the “Greek island of love,” and for good reason. The sheer number of proposals that take place on this beautiful destination often results in hearts being captured on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. According to Holidu, #TikTokViews totaled 2.5 million, while @Instagram saw 7,000 hashtags related to Santorini proposals!

Santorini is a wonderful place for couples because of the many romantic activities and settings available. From horseback riding on a secluded beach to exploring one of the island’s charming villages, there are plenty of dreamy locations to propose at. And no matter what your taste in romance, you’ll find something appealing hereabouts!