Wild Boar Hunting Tips

Wild boar hunt is a well-loved sport in many parts of Europe. A wild boar is a male animal, similar to a pig, that is usually hunted for its valuable meat and its rut. Wild boars are strong and very intelligent animals, which makes them the perfect prey for clever hunters. The wild boar can also be a great benefit to farmers as it is able to help with the re-growth of the forests.

wild boar hunting

Wild boar is highly preferred – an irresistible magical, particularly at night. Many hunters have taken an interest in wild boar hunting over the years, where a good, big bag of wild hogs is not an exception. Wild boar hunt in Europe, particularly in the countries of: Ireland, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic. However, wild boar hunting in the United States of America is relatively rare. Many hunters consider the American hog hunt as cruel.

Wild boar hunt can be best pursued in winter or in autumn, as the weather is often better. Choose a long trail or a short one, so that you do not tire easily. If you have the necessary equipment, choose a trail with fewer turns and a gradual slope. It is important to choose the hunting ground well in advance. The equipment that is needed for wild boar hunting: boots with flat soles, jacket, long trousers, strong belt, tree stand, headlamp, arrow, spare twig and so on. Some additional equipment for the hunters: tracking brush to find the wild boar, a tracking cage, live bait, the net, a phone box and last but not least, the license.

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Although the pigs are omnivores, they also eat other plant and animal matter. To ensure a successful wild boar hunting, it is important to understand the wild boar’s habits and character. In general, these pigs are aggressive towards people and other animals. It can recognize human faces quite well and can even distinguish between humans and livestock. The most characteristic feature is the boar’s great sense of smell which helps it to track people and animals.

For this reason, wild boar hunting can be best pursued during early morning or late evening, when the smells are heavy and the pig becomes wary of human presence. Before setting out, take along a portable radio to communicate with your team if you encounter a wild pig. Use an efficient optic system to help you focus your attention on the animal. Boars are very smart and attentive. A hunter would need to take note of this fact before setting out.

There are several different states in the US where people can go for wild boar hunting. Each of the states has its own specific regulations. But the laws generally prohibit the taking of live animals like wild hogs. Some states like Texas allow hunting with live animals, but there are a number of restrictions like requirement of a permit and special license fees.

Other states like Louisiana allow hunting with wild hogs, but the only issue is that the hunters must use muzzle loading guns. They can also use leptosport rifles, muzzle loaders and paintballs. Some states like Arkansas allow hog hunting with guns, but only with certain restrictions like minimum range, minimum shot distance etc. But hunting with a gun is preferred over other methods, mainly because wild hogs are stubborn and take time to tame them.

Another important point to be considered while going for wild boar hunting would be the clothing and footwear. The clothes should have lots of ventilation and good air circulation and the footwear should have excellent grip and traction on all surfaces. Apart from this, you should also make sure that you have a pair of binoculars, a laser rangefinder, a GPS navigation system, night vision gear and of course a comfortable hunting ground.