Who Should Join Edge’s Stable? Reacting to WWE Fans’ Most Popular Picks | Bleacher Report

Who Should Join Edge’s Stable? Reacting to WWE Fans’ Most Popular Picks | Bleacher Report

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    This week’s question: Who would you book to join Edge’s new stable? Several names stood out as favorites from both the men’s and women’s divisions among commenters. 

    Check out what the B/R community thought.

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    “Finn Balor.” (@mwaldon16, @dale_terry316, @wadero and more)

    The moment our crowdsourcing post went up asking people for their opinions, I knew tons of commenters were going to mention Finn Balorand for good reason.

    The Prince has two things working for him that would make him a great addition to this group: He already has a somewhat supernatural side to his character and he can play a great heel.

    Balor’s second run in NXT rejuvenated his character because he was able to play the villain for a while. It reminded us that he can tap into that side of his personality when he wants. 

    We still don’t know how far Edge’s group will go down the supernatural road, and they might just use the aesthetic. But if they want some magical shenanigans, having The Demon show up to cause some havoc here and there would add an entertaining angle to the stable. 

    The fact that Balor and Damian Priest were kind of feuding recently wouldn’t really matter because their rivalry never became deeply personal or violent. 

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    “Rhea Ripley.” (@gtsagka, @DantheMan82, @fridafelcher78 and more)

    Ever since Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan began teasing some friction in their short-lived tag team, some fans have been hoping The Nightmare would be the one to turn heel.

    If she did become that same treacherous character she used to be in NXT and NXT UK, adding her to Edge’s group would make perfect sense.

    Not only does Ripley already have the look to fit right in with Edge and Priest, but she is also one of the most physically dominant women in the division. Having her dish out her signature brand of brutality while her teammates smile from ringside would make for quite the picture. 

    The Australian needs somethinganything to help her character right now. Her partnership with Morgan can be fun at times, but WWE puts so little effort into the women’s tag team division that she has to get out before it’s too late.

    Once Ripley is firmly back on the heel side of things and running with Edge and Priest, she can go after Bianca Belair and the Raw Women’s Championship. 

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    “Tommaso Ciampa.” (@paulydagr8, @KaptainMerc, @gtsagka and more)

    Seeing so many people suggest Tommaso Ciampa was a little surprising to me, but after I put some thought into it, the idea makes some sense.

    For one thing, The Blackheart has always been more effective as a heel or tweener character. Being the smiling babyface only suited him when he was teaming with Johnny Gargano.

    The only hurdle I could see with this would be his size. Edge and Priest are both significantly taller and more muscular than Ciampa, so seeing him standing with the group would give us a similar image to Butch with Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

    The only way I think this would work is if the two-time NXT champion was portrayed as the sneakiest and most dangerous member of the stable. Having him surprise larger opponents with his viciousness would allow him to overcome that disparity in size.

    Ciampa wouldn’t have to change anything about his look or wrestling style, so he has that working in his favor. 

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    “Alexa Bliss.” (@doitwflair, @DrMDX)

    I saw a few people suggest Alexa Bliss, and while I get from a certain point of view, I don’t think she needs the group right now.

    WWE just needs to put her back on television and she will do the rest. The reception she received at Elimination Chamber proved the crowd still likes her, so she doesn’t need the group to become relevant again. 

    Personally, I also don’t want to see her become someone else’s follower after her storyline with Bray Wyatt. She needs to be on her own for a little while so she and the creative team can figure out what they want her character to be now.

    Her darker persona would work for the stable’s look, but the way her character acts wouldn’t fit in with Priest and Edge as well as a lot of the other options in the women’s division. 

    As fun as it might be to see Bliss and Edge laugh maniacally as Priest tears an opponent apart, it feels like the wrong time for her to jump back into another alliance. 

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    “Ricochet.” (@4jupiter, @tALLENt1, Gigem1976 and more)

    Ricochet is an interesting choice that quite a few people seem to think would work well with Edge’s new group.

    This one is throwing me for a bit of a loop. On one hand, I don’t think his personality would fit with the others; on the other, he could really use something to freshen up his character.

    Seeing how Ricochet operates as a heel in WWE might be fun, but there is a 50-50 chance he ends up feeling like the odd man out after a few weeks.

    The One and Only would actually make more sense as a main rival to the group. He has an underdog quality that would make fans want to see him overcome the evil faction.

    Having him feud with either Edge and his stable would produce some fun matches and give Ricochet a high-profile rivalry with a WWE Hall of Famer. 

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    “The Grizzled Young Veterans.” (@Ddaven01)

    The Grizzled Young Veterans would be an interesting addition to this group. They have the aggression and skill necessary to be enforcers, but they might have to change up their look to some darker suits to fit in.


    “Liv Morgan.” (@86ATL, @Minjottay)

    As much as I would love to see Liv Morgan and Ripley join Edge as a team, I think WWE has put too much time into building up the former Riott Squad member as a potential top babyface to abandon those plans now. 


    “Nikki A.S.H.” (@RobertRobert, @jdslim11)

    Nikki A.S.H. would not work well with Edge and Priest at all, but a version of Nikki Cross that is closer to what we saw with Sanity would be amazing. She could be the one the stable leaders have to hold back because she goes too overboard with her attacks. It would be great. 


    “Harland.” (@Grizz4Shiz)

    Harland was somebody I had not even considered, but after seeing his name suggested, I think this would be a much better use of him than whatever WWE is doing with Joe Gacy in NXT. The biggest issue would be his in-ring ability. He is still somewhat new to pro wrestling and probably needs a lot more time before they put him on the road. 


    “Shotzi.” (@oneluv40)

    Shotzi? Yes, please. If she doesn’t get to have her tank, they should at least use her in an interesting way.