What to Say When He Finally Calls – Dating Advice For Women

The question of what to say when he finally calls isn’t a new one. Most women have wondered about this. The scenario is typically the same and it’s always as frustrating. You haven’t heard from your guy in days. You’ve left him countless voicemail messages and you even sent him an email or two. Still there’s no word from him. You get anxious, worried and then when you least expect it, the phone finally rings. So what exactly should you be saying to him in this case?

The best answer to the question of what to say when he finally calls is nothing. Obviously you need to greet him but it’s not a great idea to verbally attack him over the fact that he hasn’t called you in days. In most cases, he’ll be expecting this and he has his ammunition at the ready. If you ask him where he’s been, he’ll act nonchalant about it and say that you’re the one making a mountain out of a mole hill. Suddenly you feel foolish and overbearing and he’s in the right. You obviously don’t want to put yourself into that position at all.

You need to actually act a bit detached, yet friendly. It sounds like a delicate balance and it is. It’s not that hard to do though. Just be polite once you do answer the phone. Keep the conversation very general. If he asks how you are, just reply that you’re good and that you’ve been quite busy. Don’t delve into details about what’s going on in your life or what’s happened since the two of you last talked.

The key is to really just have the same demeanor with him on the phone as you would any other friend. You need to talk to him solely as a friend, and not as a boyfriend. He’ll notice the slight shift in the way you interact with him and that will speak volumes to him.

The last thing you must do when he finally calls is to be the first to end the conversation. Tell him that you were just heading out the door but it was so great to catch up. If he says he’d like to get together, tell him you’ll need to check your schedule but you’ll let him know. Doing this will serve to show him that you have other, more pressing things to tend to. He’ll be confused as to why talking to him isn’t on the top of your priority list.

This small shift in your attitude, combined with your desire to end the call will show him that you’re not the type to sit idly by patiently waiting for the phone to ring. Doing this will almost guarantee that he won’t take as long to call you back ever again. Suddenly he’ll be questioning whether you’re as devoted to him as he thought you were. Once those doubts start to creep into his mind, he’ll work extra hard to please you.