Web Design & Search Engine Optimization – A Technique to Find New Business

I stumbled across this method, quite by accident, when researching a potential new businesses web site after a standard call back request to my website. It is surprisingly straightforward and you can effortlessly find people in particular regions, your own town even, who are crying out for your brand of search engine expertise.

The elegance of this means is that it also provides the ammo you need to go to the potential client and show to them why their website is not performing for them nearly as well as it ought to be doing. It will allow you to show them that they are on the search engines and can be discovered, using a search (albeit a very poor and irrelevant one) and that to start driving traffic or to increase traffic to their website will be fairly low-priced (depending on your search engine optimisation rates of course).

Using site: in Google Searches: Google offer several useful search engine optimisation tools for discovering information concerning your web site and the information that it holds on your site, one of them is site: If you carry out a search for site: and add your domain name after, Google will return all of the Internet pages that it has indexed for that domain name, for instance site:amazon.co.uk. To search for your own website simply switch amazon.co.uk with your own domain name. You can also use the www. at the start but, as yet, I have not noticed a great deal of difference in the results. Google does allow you to specify if you want to have the www. on your domain name in it’s results using their webmaster tools. This search tool is intended to allow you to look for for a phrase in a particular site by putting the phrase in front of the site: bit in the search. For instance, a search for fantasy site:amazon.co.uk will search for the word fantasy in Amazons UK web site.

This will be helpful once you have found a website that is in need of search engine optimisation as you can then analyze all of the web pages that Google holds for them.

The Process of finding clients who need your search engine optimisation help is simply this. Go to Google and search for the phrase Untitled Document and then add a region afterward, for example search for Untitled Document London. This will display all web pages inside London that have Untitled Document, by and large in the Title. This shows to me that whoever built the web site has not bothered to fill out the Title Tag for the page and that the page in question is simply ignoring a wholly fine opportunity to get some keywords and key phrases into Google and to be discovered by their market and potential customers.

In my belief, every professional web designer ought to provide a website with at least a basic SEO template, which would involve filling out the Title and META Description (at minimum) so that search results look engaging and present some information when displayed in the Search Engines. Even if they are not on page one for their particular services, at least they will be on page something and not floating around at the bottom with no consequence to their business. Unless of course their business is selling documents titled Untitled, in which case good luck in trying to get that one onto a top result.

Using intitle: in Google Searches: If you would like to narrow this search down, you can use one more of Google’s search tools intitle. As the name suggests this will display all results with a word or phrase in the Page Title of the webpage. So try, in its place, to search for intitle:Untitled Document London. You can mess around with placing quotation marks each side of the first portion and adding your region afterward to make the search more technically correct, this does change the results slightly.

Once you have found a likely target you can now use the first tool (site:) to study the rest of their pages. If they have a long list of Untitled Document you can almost guarantee that they are not receiving a tenth of the hits they ought to be. Providing them swift and noticeable results should be simple. If they have had the website for some time, even better as their domain name will have some age. I have found that once you can show good traffic and the enquiries do increase slightly the next step will be to update their web site as an out of date web site will put a lot of people off. This is all leading to further business and another addition onto a Christmas card list for you.

This method will return a lot of old sites and in all probability some personal websites but there will be plenty of businesses in there that are plainly not aware of the opportunity they are wasting and the potential new business that they are passing up by not being noticeable (Using this method, for my home rural town I have discovered a solicitors, two nurseries and a company providing student letting, all would be fine leads, and in the first three pages of Google results).

In the end they will thank you as their hits and inquiries grow and you may get a decent long term client out of it.

Your job now is to persuade them of that, good luck.