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No better destination than to go to Malang

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If you love the beach and unwind in the sun, there is no better destination than to go to Malang placed Indonesia. It is small city located on the west coast of Java Island. It is not much different from other Indonesian place; it has mountains and palm trees, but it has also got something unique; the green paddy fields. It is perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday. When you visit this place, you will find many things to do and explore.

If you are a beach bum, this island will surely satisfy your needs. You will find several beaches that are equally popular among tourists and locals alike Tiga Warna beach, Balekambang, Bajul Mati and more. The best time to visit here is from October to March during the dry season because this is the most beautiful time of the year to visit here. Other than beaches, you can also visit the forested mountains and enjoy hiking: Bromo, Tengger and Semeru.

There are several travel companies that offer transport and accommodation to this island. However, if you want to save more money, you can book your accommodation in Javan, East Java. Then you can directly to Bali. Javan is a famous destination in Indonesia with many tourist attractions such as National Museum, Tanjung Mas, Pura Tanah Lot, and the soon to open tourist attraction, the Jet Exhibition & Dinner Theater. There is also a popular beach resort and hotel called Emerald Seas Resort Javea.


To the north of the island, there are two more attractive beaches to visit called South Kitsang and South Nusa Dua. The scenery here is very different from the white sandy beaches in Jimbaran Beach. The scenery here is more natural and palm trees are more prevalent. While visiting here, be sure to visit the sea turtle conservation project.

Once in Malang, it is very easy to get around. Public transportation such as taxis and minibuses are available everywhere. You can also rent a motorcycle if you wish to. Buses can also be picked up from Sanur International Airport. You may also visit Watamu, Garuda, and Klaten.

Garuda or Wuda is a white sandy beach located within the park. Here, you can have a picnic lunch under a shade. Garuda has water-sport facilities for people who wish to swim. For those who are a little interested in surfing, there are surf schools near the island.

On the northern part of the island, you will find the island of Nusa Dua. The white sandy beaches here are quite different from the rest of the beaches in Jimbaran Beach. It has a lot more facilities than the Garuda. However, there’s no guarantee that you won’t find any foul smelling bacteria or disease-causing insects in the vicinity of the beaches.

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If you are interested in water sports and would like to spend your vacation here, then there are various resorts here where you can stay. It offers accommodation for backpackers as well as full-serviceservice hotels and resorts. If you travel to this island during the rainy season, you can avail the facility of inclusive hotel packages. With the facilities, you will be able to enjoy your holiday here to the fullest.

During the time of the year when the island is relatively dry, the weather becomes very hot and humid. Thus, it is better to visit the island between the months of November to February. This is the best time to enjoy your stay here.

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You may also find the island of Lembongan rouge appealing for its exotic resorts. However, you may not be able to visit this resort on a full-term basis. It mainly caters to backpackers and budget travelers. The white sandy beaches here are a delight to visit.

The island of Borneo is known for its tropical forests. If you wish to have a wonderful time exploring this forest preserve, then you should visit the island between the months of May to September. The forest preserve is home to rare species of animals. When you travel to Malang Indonesia, you will have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful surroundings as well as the rich flora and fauna of this island.