Three Trade Destinations For Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers came up short in the playoffs once again. Once again, they fell at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers on a freezing-cold evening. And once again, it was the type of total team collapse that we’ve become used to seeing from this team when everything matters most.

Aaron Rodgers did not play particularly well but special teams lost the day, giving up a blocked field goal and giving the Niners their only TD of the day via a blocked punt. Last year it was Matt LaFleur’s decision to kick a field goal down eight to the Tom Brady-led Buccaneers late in the fourth quarter. The year before that it was the run defense getting completely gashed. It’s always something, and it’s part of the reason why Rodgers nearly forced his way out before the 2021 season.

Rodgers came back because the Packers renegotiated his contract and gave him a way out after 2021 if he was still unhappy. He had another MVP-caliber season and led the team to the first overall seed, but none of that matters if they can’t win a playoff game. Green Bay changed for Rodgers and the end result did not change.

This means that Rodgers getting traded is a stronger possibility than ever. If it happens, where will he end up? It is extraordinarily unlikely the Packers will send him anywhere in the NFC, so here are the three most likely destinations in the opposite conference.