This Northern California town was the most popular on Zillow in 2021

Buckle up your snowshoes — South Lake Tahoe was the most popular city in the U.S. for people browsing real estate in 2021, according to Zillow.

Data analyses from the real estate company found homes for sale in the Sierra Nevada town were the most viewed in the country on its website this year, with nearly 5,500 views per listing.

While many of those views are just from online lookie-loos, Zillow analysts say some of the interest translates into actual sales.

“We think that people aren’t just dreaming when they’re searching,” said Amanda Pendleton, a home trends analyst for Zillow. “In South Lake Tahoe, they’re actually buying and that’s what’s driving home price appreciation.”

The methodology Zillow used to calculate popularity was based on views per home listing, available housing inventory and home price appreciation in recent years, among more specific variables for retirement and vacation homes.

South Lake Tahoe has long been a vacation destination for Bay Area residents who like the quick drive inland to hit the slopes or enjoy the deep blue waters of its namesake.