The Rellery Flat Jewelry Case Is One Writer’s Travel Must-have

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Packing has always been my least favorite part of traveling. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for organizational gadgets and packing aids, which make the process so much more seamless and less daunting. 

One area of packing that I’ve always had difficulty with is jewelry. I’ve mistakenly thought that my jewelry could be tossed into any bag or pouch. I’ll admit that in the past I’ve failed to take jewelry care seriously and have resorted to using old matchboxes, glasses cases, and other unlikely vessels to store them in my suitcase. Of course, this method would always result in tangled necklaces, deformed rings, and scratched bracelets.  

This finally led me on a search for a quality, travel-sized jewelry organizer, although it wasn’t exactly an easy feat. I found many to be too bulky and therefore took up too much room in my suitcase, or that they failed to protect and organize my jewelry with their poorly executed designs. However, this was all before I discovered the Rellery Flat Jewelry Case. The brand, which is known for its social media-favorite fine jewelry, puts its inventive spin on traditional travel cases with slim profiles, luxe exteriors, and thoughtful organizational features.

The Flat Jewelry Case measures 8 inches by 5 inches by 1.5 inches (like the size of a long wallet), is made of sleek vegan leather, and is padded to protect my jewels. But unlike other options, the padding doesn’t add bulk. Instead, the case lays flat when fully zipped and has the same weight and feel as a notebook, empty clutch, or tablet, allowing it to fit seamlessly into my handbag, in-flight personal item, or carry-on.

Inside its fashionable embossed vegan leather shell, which comes in vampy red, sophisticated white, and classic black, are pockets galore that are customized for every type of jewelry I own. There’s a removable ring bar that can fit between seven to 10 rings depending on their size, six earring holders that can secure 12 individual pieces, and four hooks for bracelets and necklaces. What’s more, two zippered pockets offer safe and discreet storage for other valuable items, but can also act as catch-alls for hair accessories and other pieces I want to keep protected during travel.

What really impressed me was how protective and functional the Rellery Flat Jewelry Case is. Organizing my necklaces has always been a struggle, and this not only provided a designated place to store delicate pieces, but also went above and beyond to make sure they were safe from damage while in transit. The hooks securely snap into place and keep my jewelry from moving and getting tangled, and there are even cloth pouches at the bottom to prevent damage to your necklace pendants and jewels. I appreciate how they act as a protective barrier for my favorite items and offer extra storage for hair ties and rings. 

Needless to say, I’ve found a new travel buddy in the Rellery Flat Jewelry Case. Its compact size and strategic organizational layout makes it a dream to use and pack — even in small luggage and bags in which I’m already fighting for space. And above all, it actually keeps my jewelry safe and out of harm’s way. What more could I ask for in a travel case? 

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