The Most Popular Golf Course in Jordan: Ayla Oasis

The Most Popular Golf Course in Jordan: Ayla Oasis

The Ayla Golf Club is an eighteen-hole golf course that sits in the middle of around 120 hectares of land. While it is true that the course does sit in the middle of an extremely dry environment, this seemingly has no effect on the course itself, which seems like an oasis of lush greenery and water features. Let’s take a closer look at the Ayla Golf Club. 

An Overview of Ayla Oasis

The course on the Ayla Golf Club stretches over around 800,000 square meters. As mentioned above, you wouldn’t know that it lies in the middle of dusty and dry conditions. The fairways are healthy and green, offering a home to local wildlife and helping to build flourishing ecosystems. There are a few terrain changes, including different elevations when playing, to ensure a varied game. The course was designed to work with the local environment and topography as much as possible, making sure that the different elements of the course are practical having a few different uses. 

The golf club itself also boasts a number of amenities to ensure that you have an amazing experience regardless of your skill or interest level. The club was designed by a renowned architecture firm that has been widely recognized for its commitment to using sustainable practices and being environmentally aware when designing and building. The clubhouse manages to marry the contemporary with the architectural heritage of the area. 

The Facilities & Amenities of Ayla Oasis

The Ayla Golf Club, as mentioned above, does boast a number of facilities and amenities which can be used by players. Firstly, there are the courses; there is an eighteen-hole championship course which has a par of seventy-two and stretches over seven thousand yards. There is also the smaller nine-hole academy course which is lit by floodlights, the par is twenty-seven, and it is set out over a thousand yards.  

In addition to the golf courses, there is an indoor swing and putting studio which can be booked and used. There are also practice grounds which include grassy areas which can be used to practice teeing, putting greens and areas which allow you to work on your short game. The clubhouse has a number of certified instructors to consult. There are also shopping facilities to ensure that you are kitted out with everything you need. Should you break your club, you can find a repair station on site. Finally, you can round the day out with a visit to the bar and restaurant. 

The Services Offered by Ayla Oasis

Ayla Golf Club also offers golf in Jordan, Aqaba golf and a number of other services, most of which center around learning how to play golf. Truthfully, golf is a hard game to master, which is why offering lessons is important because it can help you to get to grips with the game. They offer lessons both on an individual and group basis. The clubhouse and golf course can also be rented out to host corporate excursions or team-building days too. 

The Bottom Line

The Ayla Golf Club is largely seen as one of the best courses in the Middle East; they are also one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly golf courses in the world. Playing at Ayla is truly an experience.