The Best M9 Airsoft Pistol – Looking at The SRC SR92 Gas Blow Back M9 Airsoft Pistol

Just like in real world combat participants in airsoft battles prefer to have a side arm with them in case their main weapon fails or they run out of ammunition. One of the more popular side arm choices is the M9 airsoft gun. Below we will talk about one of the best m9 airsoft pistols on the market today, the SRC SR92 gas blow back pistol.

Why This Is Such a Great Side Arm

To Start of with is the price, this pistol can be found online for around $102. While it is true there are cheaper pistols on the market none will match the performance and quality that the SR92 has. In fact it rivals weapons costing twice as much! Lets look a t some of the features packed into this fine weapons.

  • 6.04 Tight Bore Barrel
  • Efficient Gas Usage
  • 21 Shot Magazine
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Realistic Field Strip Capabilities
  • Double and Single Action Firing
  • Includes Hard Plastic Carrying Case

Looking At The Performance Of The SR92

This is where this gun really shines. To begin with the SR92 will easily shoot 325 FPS using.2 gram BB’s with the hop up adjusted. This is a great performance number from a green gas powered pistol. Secondly the 6.04 mm tight bore barrel makes this a very accurate weapon out to 70 feet. This makes it a very effective close and mid range weapon.

It is also very gas efficient and consistent through a magazine. The first shot will be the same speed as the first and there will plenty of gas left over to lock the bolt back after the final shot. In fact in our testing we were able to shoot a entire magazine then reload and refire about 19 additional rounds. However the performance started to degrade after about 10 shots as the gas started to run out. This is unheard of for most airsoft side arm pistols.

Bottom line is that if you want the best airsoft M9 pistol to give you the edge in your skirmishes you need look no further then the SRC SR92 M9 gas blow back model. It will offer you excellent performance and accuracy at a price everyone can afford.