Spearfishing in Mississippi

Looking fish with a spear was just one of the earliest expertise discovered by historic prehistoric man. Right now this historical life talent is now passion to a increasing legion of spear fishermen who acquire to the depths whilst on the lookout for monsters of the ocean. Mississippi, with its 359-miles of tidal shoreline and chain of barrier islands, delivers its personal worries and benefits to those people who would spearfish the 228.

Why Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is the final mix in between a hunter and an angler. It takes the sportsman into the underwater lair of the gamefish it would normally only see at the time it broke the floor. The sport will allow the angler to grow to be a stalker, a viewing sniper in a foreign water planet, and is compared with any looking or fishing that you have ever carried out just before.


Security in diving in standard and spearfishing in unique are a ought to. It is usually reported that there are 100 means for a speardiver to die and some major imagined, preparing, and planning want to accompany just about every trip. Under no circumstances dive alone, always use your ‘diver-down’ flags, and shadow an skilled spear diver on your initial journeys. Remain at least 200 yards from jetties, docks, and shipping channels. Carry a knife as monofilament line is often located together any reef or wreck and can be a hazard. With that claimed, spear fishing is an incredible practical experience as soon as you get the hang of it.


Spearfishing in the Mississippi Audio is not perfect tough because of to the chocolate-milk visibility of the shallow waters in between the coastline and the barrier islands, but not difficult. Spear anglers in the seem often see substantial Sheepshead and the activity provides a new dimension to individuals who would snorkel for flounder, stripers, and reds devoid of the investment in SCUBA equipment. Inside the Seem, some of the substantial rubble piles provide first rate gamefish opportunities. Lionfish, a person of the worst invasive species in the Gulf, are good targets for spear fishermen and each and every a person of them assassinated is a get for the fishing neighborhood on all amounts.

When heading outside of the audio, the rigs starting about 5 miles south of the islands are the most effective guess as the drinking water column clears rapidly once you descend under twenty ft and some incredibly massive gamefish haunt these offshore jackups. Many of the offshore reefs this kind of as the Liberty Ships, the Ship Island Barge, and other individuals are good for snapper, AJs, and cobia and are not as much out there as the rigs.

Regs and equipment

DMR polices for spearfishing are elusive to obtain on their web site but in basic retain to the recreational fishing limits, have your license beforehand, and preserve absent from shooting at borderline authorized fish as after you spear a fish its yours to retain, lawful or not. For more in-depth information on the regs, you can connect with DMR at (800) 374-3449.

A number of of the regional dive outlets, in particular Jerry and Dan in excess of at The Dive Shop in Diberville, are spear looking gurus and can help you out with area guidelines and tips as very well as the ideal equipment. A small and eclectic team of Mississippi spear divers has shaped Menfish, a support group for their behavior and you can stop by them at http://www.menfish.org.


The use of spear guns is not legal in the freshwater of Mississippi-, which is all water north of Hwy 90. Buffalo, carp, gar, catfish, shad, bowfin, and Freshwater Drum may possibly be taken in the course of the yr with a bow and arrow, crossbow, and hand thrown-spear or gig. Catfish might be taken with a spear or gig in the course of the interval from July 16- April 30. Handheld spears and gigs, and crossbows simply cannot be applied at any Point out Fishing Lake. Once more these spear restrictions are for spears that are thrown or hand-held –not shot out of a spear gun of any variety so be absolutely sure to prohibit your spearfishing to ‘south of 90’

So with that in thoughts, store close to for your spear gun, but hold it in the 228. There are plenty of targets down there for it.