So What Particularly is an ‘Assistant Engineer’?

So What Particularly is an ‘Assistant Engineer’?

What is it?

The concept of an Assistant Engineer was not invented for the yachting business but has been tailored from merchant navy practice. The Assistant Engineer is an individual carried in the complement of a yacht who, nevertheless not accredited to be responsible for the operation and upkeep of plant, has ample knowledge to be of use to the Main Engineer in carrying out a lot of plan functions this kind of as transforming filters, transferring liquids, accomplishing plan upkeep tasks, starting up and stopping machinery. It is also intended that if anything at all ended up to materialize to the Main Engineer then the Assistant would have sufficient know-how to get the yacht safely and securely back again in to harbour.

It is crucial to bear in mind this job is only intended for yachts working with an Unmanned Machinery House (UMS): vessels demanding common watchkeeping will have to have a minimal of two STCW experienced engineers. The man or woman keeping this place does not essentially want to be someone who actually performs complete time in the Engineering Department, they could be a deck hand, the mate or anyone from yet another section. Deck candidates just take notice, on the other hand, that in their scenario the provider credited will not be counted at full rate but will be break up similarly between deck and engineering service.

Why did the MCA introduce this position?

The MCA regarded that there was a have to have to enhance the Engineering Section in the smaller yachts, and it was also recognised that on the much larger yachts, with UMS, operating on coastal voyages the Second Engineer was not staying completely employed and could be safely and securely replaced with an Assistant Engineer.

By utilizing an Assistant Engineer in these positions a pathway is opened to help holders of AEC and MEOL(Y) (see below) to achieve handy encounter on much larger yachts on their way to getting their Y4 skills.

As the Assistant Engineer can be a dual function position, a by-item of this alter is a reduction in the wage bill although preserving an acceptable regular of engineering expertise on board. This is vital especially on smaller sized yachts where no improve in precise figures is necessary but engineering skills is increased.

What qualification do you need to have to be just one.?

These who have been expected by an MCA inspection to get an Assistant Engineer will know that nowhere does it say accurately what qualifications are required for this part! This is mainly because LY2 is somewhat new and MGN 156, which would typically have this data, is also previous. By calling the MCA you can locate out that in fact the Approved Engine Study course and the MEOL (Y) are the two crucial requirements dependent on the motor power of the yacht and where by it needs to go. Clearly common service merchant navy skills are also approved,

I have instructed to the MCA that they rename the Approved Motor System the Assistant Engineer’s Training course simply because the present title does not describe sufficiently the program content material which does not just issue engines. Holding the initials the identical will also help save me from acquiring to reprint our publicity! The desk underneath offers steering on what skills could be demanded for the Assistant Engineer less than different situation. Normally bear in intellect that these tables in LY2 and in MGNs have been not handed down to the Main Examiner on marble tablets, like Moses on the mountain. Generally this is misunderstood by senior crew and supervisors they are Advice and can be different, possibly relaxed or toughened in particular circumstances. A superior example of this has currently been pointed out: a yacht requiring a forever staffed motor home would not be allowed to operate with an Assistant Engineer whichever it claims on tables like the a person below.

The Learn of a yacht, not the Chief Examiner, is dependable for the risk-free manning of the vessel, so if he or she is in any question they really should inquire for an opinion from the Seafarer’s Instruction and Certification department of the MCA.

This desk is an assimilation of LY2 and the present interpretation of engineering manning policies. Don’t forget it is only relevant to vessels where by the engine place is operated on an UMS foundation.