See the Difference With Sebago Shoes

See the Difference With Sebago Shoes

Maine is known for its coastlines, clams and lobsters, all of which are essential parts of its lively marine community. With such a strong marine tradition behind it, you will not be surprised to know that one of the leaders in boat shoes come from this part of the world. We are, naturally, talking about the Sebago brand of footwear.

Sebago, the manufacturer of these renowned boat shoes, is a relatively new company with its beginnings only in 1946. Despite its young presence in the shoe industry, nonetheless, the Sebago brand has made and continues to make a positive difference in its market niche. As you browse through the selections in an online site, you will delightedly discover that the designs stay true to the Sebago name – simple, functional and comfortable on and off the water.

On the water, your Sebago boat shoes will hold up very well on wet surfaces. You can stay on your feet because the thick sole allows for an excellent grip on the floor while the wide toe boxes ensure that your toes have a firm grip on the shoes. If you wear any other kind of shoes, you would have fallen flat on your backside even when the boat rocks just a little!

On land, your Sebago boat shoes can take as much beating as it does on water. You can walk for miles in the shoes without feeling discomfort, thanks to the perfect fit of the shoes on the feet from the toes to heels. Plus, you will still look stylish with Sebago shoes on because of the high quality leather materials used and the high quality of craftsmanship applied to every single pair.

When you hear somebody say that the Sebago boat shoes have made a significant difference in how he views these kinds of footwear, you are more than likely inclined to agree. In the past, you may have seen boat shoes that were little more than work boots – functional, yes, but certainly neither stylish nor trendy. With the Sebago boat shoes, you can now combine function with form and fashion.

You will not find fault with the wide range of selections for Sebago footwear. Your choices include shoes for men, women and children in many product lines. For the men, the lines are Schooner, Vapor, Shermen and Cloyethic II while the women’s lines are the Lucerne, Plaza and Seaspray, to name just a few.

Sebago shoes can also be classified into classics, casuals, casual marine and docksides with their brief descriptions as follows:

• Classics are made from high-quality leather and finished by hand. You will find these boat shoes as sophisticated but still worthy of the seas.
• Casuals cater to the laidback style of the yachting set without sacrificing on the style of the shoes.
• Casual marine provides for maximum durability, comfort and style that every consumer expects from the Sebago brand.
• Docksides are the ultimate expression of the Sebago footwear, which most sailors love on their feet.

To truly enjoy the difference between Sebago boat shoes and other boat shoes in online sites, you must purchase at least one pair for yourself. Soon, your shoe closet will boast more than just that original pair – that’s how good Sebago is at their craft.