Sanya Set to Become a Global Tourism Hotspot in 2022

Sanya Set to Become a Global Tourism Hotspot in 2022

Since being established in 2020, the STPB has continually evolved Sanya’s tourism offering and innovated the region’s travel-related companies to attract visitors to the island. Over the past year, the STPB leveraged major opportunities from the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, focused on new trends within the tourism sector, expanded Sanya’s destination branding, and boosted its trade efforts to promote the overall development of Sanya and invite more tourists to its shores.

Boasting warm weather, spectacular scenery, and diverse experiences, Sanya is the perfect backdrop for work, travel and play. In 2021, the STPB focused on cultivating new tourism opportunities and hotspots to attract different types of travelers to Sanya, such as its “Wonderland Sanya” theme. Designed to reinvigorate Sanya’s image amongst Gen Z and millennial travelers, Wonderland Sanya invites young people to fall in love with the destination’s unique and vibrant possibilities across five angles of food, travel photography, culture, outdoor activities and luxury hospitality.

Beyond a new brand image that appeals to younger travelers, the STPB hosted a number of activities under the Wonderland Sanya theme to give people even more reason to visit in 2021. These included the Hainan Island Fashion Week, Hainan Free Trade Port Internet Celebrity Creation Competition, Sanya International Diving Festival, Sanya x Game for Peace, and Sanya Parent-Child Study Trip Forum, as well as activities to promote destination weddings, family travel, night tours, and e-sports tourism. In 2022, the STPB already has an exciting lineup of events on the cards that will attract new international travelers to the destination and give previous travelers a reason to return.

In tandem, the STPB has worked with local companies to design, develop and promote products that are popular with travelers. Last year, the STPB designed a variety of tourist maps, culinary maps, travel guides, and cultural products to expand the horizons of tourists and invite them to discover all that Sanya has to offer. A Sanya Tourism App is also in the works for 2022 to give overseas travelers peace of mind during their visit.

In addition, STPB carried out trade activities in major cities across China in 2021, with a focus on interactive activities that promote engagement and encourage discussion. Furthermore, its market research and consulting arm commenced data modeling for tourism companies to support precise data-based marketing strategies and forecasts. These activities are set to continue in 2022, as the STPB seeks new opportunities to achieve a win-win scenario for operators and travelers.

The STPB also has its sights set on turning Sanya into an international transit destination in 2022, as China grants seventh freedom of air rights to Hainan for the first time. Tourists can fly in to Beijing or Shanghai and fly out from Sanya — giving them more reason to add Hainan Island to their travel itinerary.

In 2022, STPB is ready to catapult Sanya into the global travel spotlight. Capitalizing on progress made over the past two years while injecting fresh ideas into the mix, Sanya is poised to become the destination of choice for global tourists in 2022.

SOURCE Sanya Tourism Promotion Board