Russell Wilson Trade Destinations, Ranked

Despite his high level of production and Pro Bowl-caliber play each season, Russell Wilson just can’t seem to catch a break with the Seattle Seahawks. No matter how well he does or how hard he plays, it simply hasn’t been enough to help the Seahawks advance beyond the first round of the NFL Playoffs over the past few seasons.

Now, it seems as if Wilson’s time in a Seahawks uniform may be coming to an end sooner than we realize. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering that he has previously voiced his displeasures with the Seahawks, and their inability to build an elite offensive line has led to him being sacked more than any other quarterback in the league over the past decade.

So as the Seahawks look into the possibility of starting a new era at QB in 2022, we’ll now take a look at the top five trade destinations for Wilson, ranked.

Russell Wilson Trade Destinations, Ranked

Russell Wilson Trade Destinations, Russell Wilson Broncos, Russell Wilson Colts

5. Carolina Panthers

Between Sam Darnold and Cam Newton, the Panthers had all kinds of miscues at the quarterback spot this season and could use a serious upgrade in that department. They did show some signs of improvement with Newton under center, but it wasn’t consistent enough to keep them in the NFC Wild Card race and earn them a playoff spot.

If they want to start off on the right foot next season and bring in a highly accomplished veteran QB with a championship pedigree, then Wilson may be their best bet in achieving this. With offensive stalwarts like Christian McCaffrey, Chuba Hubbard, Robbie Anderson, DJ Moore, and Brandon Zylstra at the helm for the Panthers, adding Wilson to the mix would elevate their play on offense and put them back in playoff contention.

4. New York Jets

After a disastrous rookie season that saw an endless amount of struggles from Zach Wilson, it’s safe to say that he may need some more time to make the adjustment from college to the pros. Although he did show potential and made strides and improvements near the end of the season, it’s become quite clear that a quarterback change is still needed for the Jets for the time being.

There’s no doubt that Wilson would thrive playing under coach Robert Saleh and he’d run offensive guru Mike LaFleur’s schemes to perfection while elevating the play of their underutilized receiving corps. If Wilson were to join the Jets, then they’d be able to run a highly efficient offensive unit and potentially challenge the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots for the AFC East title in 2022.

3. Indianapolis Colts 

It did take him a little while to re-establish his footing at starting quarterback for the Colts, but Carson Wentz eventually found his way and established strong on-field chemistry with Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman Jr., TY Hilton, and Mo Alie-Cox. In the second half of the 2021season, the Colts were looking like dark horse title contenders with Wentz playing at such a high level and leading them to a few upset wins. However, they dropped the ball in Week 18 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and missed out on the NFL Playoffs yet again.

If they bring in Russell Wilson, they’d have one of the best pressure players in the league playing under center for them. Plus up until this season, Wilson hadn’t missed a single game and has a better track record than Wentz when it comes to staying healthy. If Wilson becomes their new signal-caller, the Colts may become legitimate Super Bowl contenders during next season. Not to mention, Wilson will have a much-improved offensive line and wouldn’t have to scramble nearly as much as he’s had to while playing for the Seahawks.

2. Washington Football Team

It was a whirlwind season for the Washington Football Team and the squad had its fair share of highs and lows. Unfortunately, the 2021 NFL campaign ultimately ended in disappointment. Despite Taylor Heinicke’s best efforts, it still wasn’t enough to get Washington into the playoffs, and now with the team not looking to bring him back, this leaves an opening at quarterback that must be filled immediately.

So why not have Super Bowl-winning QB and all-time great Wilson come in and take the mantle ahead of next season? With a plethora of talent and explosion on offense, having Wilson calling the shots would transform the Washington Football Team into a dark horse title contender and they’d have the firepower to match the Dallas Cowboys and overtake them as the kings of the NFC East.

1. Denver Broncos 

Currently searching for a new coach to right the ship, the Broncos are also long overdue for an upgrade at quarterback. With the Broncos, Wilson would help the team become a top-10 offense in the NFL while establishing a winning brand of football in Mile High City. It’s hard to imagine this would be difficult at all with stud wideouts like Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton at his disposal.

This partnership would also be a full circle moment since Wilson’s Seahawks beat the Broncos to win their first Super Bowl crown in franchise history. Now that he could be on his way out of Seattle, seeing Wilson in a Broncos uniform isn’t a complete impossibility. As Denver continues searching for ways to improve the offense, the pursuit of a generational superstar like Russell Wilson would pay huge dividends, especially when it comes to making a deep playoff run with a clutch playmaker under center.

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