Places to be visited in Mumbai

Places to be visited in Mumbai

Mumbai is a dream city. It is in Maharashtra and the capital of it. The City is both for work and business. The city was earlier known as Bombay. Beaches, buildings, caves, temples, markets, monuments, parks, etc. everything is available in this city. Something is present for everyone in the city. The visit to this city will be worth a visit and you canstay at the ambassador hotel Mumbai to enjoy the city. There are many places which one can visit in this city. 

Following are some of the places to be visited in Mumbai: 

• Chowpatty Beach: Out of the beaches in Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach is the most popular beach. The beach is situated in the heart of the city. Because of the local delicacies of this beach people enjoy it the most and visit Chowpatty Beach. People from all age groups visit this beach to be relaxed after their whole tiring day. Watching the sunset is very amazing from this beach. The sky, the blue sea, and the white sand all the looks are just heaven-like experiences. Many vendors are also there on the beach selling many different kinds of toys and food items. Many people visit this beach with their friends and family to get peace and to feel relaxed. One should visit this beach to get the best experience in their life.

• Gateway of India: The gateway of India in Mumbai was built during the 20th century. The monument is also known as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai. It attracts the most tourists from all over the world. the monument is situated near the Arabian sea full stop the steps having been constructed behind the gateway of India which directly leads to the Arabian sea. One can visit it anytime, it is open 24/7. Nearby there are Elephanta caves and hotel Taj which are the other two most popular tourist attractions. The visit to the gateway of India will be a great experience

• Sidhivinayak Temple: Siddhivinayak Temple is the most famous temple in Mumbai and all over India. It is the richest temple in Mumbai so many tourists come to the temple every day the temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha. It was built in the 19th century. It attracts tourists from all over the world the architecture of the temple on the beautiful statue of lord Ganesha ads more attractiveness to it and a lot of visitors come to visit it. The temple is believed to fulfill all the wishes of the people who visit it there and pray with full devotion to the god. The structure of the temple is not less than a palace. It is a very beautiful temple. The visit to the temple will be a worth visit. After the visit to the temple, one can visit the places near to the temple like Worli sea link and Shivaji park beach. 

• Nehru Science Centre: The largest center of science in India is the Nehru science center in Mumbai. It was opened in the 20th century there are so many science games in it. There are many different models of different things which help to study about the science and technology. There is alsoc a library there. There are many practicals related to physics and also many things related to science.  There are also many shows and documentaries which are included in the activities which are available at the center. It also contains telescopes for star gazing and studying about the planets and space. The one who has interest in science and want to know about everything can  visit to the museum , it will be a worth visit for them.

• Elephanta Caves: Elephanta caves are the most beautiful kids in Mumbai.  The tour to Mumbai would be incomplete without visiting the elephanta caves. They are situated near the Arabian sea on its Islands that was named after the identic elephant which was found there. The architecture of the caves is very fine and beautiful. The craving of the rocks was done to build the caves. These caves are close to the gateway of India. The time to visit the caves is from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Except for Monday it is open on all days of the week. There’s also some entry fee to visit the caves. 

• Marine Drive: Marine Drive is an awesome place to visit in Mumbai. It is officially named the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose road it is a long road which is 3 km it has 6 lenses and runs over the coastline.  It is situated in the southern part of Mumbai and runs to watch the northern part of Mumbai. The road is a c shaped road. This place is a must visit place whenever one goes to Mumbai. There are trees on the sides of the pathway. The beauty of this road is enhanced at night. It is the best place to walk in the evening. Many tourist visits this place. There are many stalls and restaurants at the place. People from all age groups can visit this place. One can visit this anytime as  it is open 24/7. The best time to visit is the evening time,  watching the sunset view is amazing.  With the help of local transportation, one can easily reach this place. The tourist will not face any problem while reaching this place.The place will be a worth visit. 

• Bandra Worli Sea Link: Bandra Worli link is known for its architecture. In India, it is the first cable bridge which is built on the sea. It is one of the main landmarks of Mumbai. The place is a worth visit. It is built on the Arabian sea. The bridge is 5 km long. It connects Bandra and Worli so that is why it is known as the Bandra Worli sea link. The bridge helps in saving the time for daily commuters. Also, the place is the best to be visited by the tourist in Mumbai because of the photography. The bridge looks very amazing in the evening because at that time it comes alive along with the lights. One can spend their evening here and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the bridge.As mentioned above, there are many  places to visit in Mumbai. All these places will be worth visit. One should visit these places whenever they go to Mumbai. You canstay at the ambassador hotel Mumbai and enjoy all these places.