Performance and Affordability: PSE Reaper Crossbow Review

Performance and Affordability: PSE Reaper Crossbow Review

PSE Reaper Crossbow Review

If you’re a fan of PSE’s crossbows, then you’ve probably heard about the PSE Reaper Crossbow. This crossbow has caused quite a buzz among archers awaiting its release. Now that that it’s finally here, aficionados and skeptics alike are aching to find out what’s new about PSE’s latest creation.

What’s New?

The first news about PSE’s Reaper Crossbow is that it’s finally home grown. The earlier versions of the crossbow produced for huntingwere famous for being outsourced from Taiwan. But for the 2011 model, PSE finally decided to move the production to their factory in Tucson, Arizona.

Many believe that this decision is PSE’s way of ensuring that the product has better quality compared to its predecessors. What’s more is that the quality improvement isn’t taken out on the consumers. That’s because the PSE Reaper Crossbow can still be bought at under $400.

What Do You Get?

The PSE Reaper Crossbow now has a 185-pound split limb assembly which gives it more power and speed. Specifically, the Reaper allows you to shoot carbon Charger crossbow arrows that have 100-grain points at 310 feet per second. This means that your kinetic energy can reach up to 86 ft-lbs if you have an arrow weight that totals 425 grains.

The 2011 model also has a locking system termed as a Two Point Limb Bolt and a longer barrel. This gives the Reaper an increased power stroke. The crossbow now also has a new paint job. It is film-dipped in a Mossy Oak Tree stand camouflage which helps for increased stealth when you take it to the woods.

The Reaper’s barrel is made out of anodized aluminum which makes it strong yet lightweight. It also has an aluminum trigger guard and it comes with a molded stock that has a comfortable grip.

An ambidextrous safety lever can also be found in the 2011 Reaper that automatically engages once the arrow is cocked. The arrow hold is also made steadier to add to the Reaper’s safety.

If you buy the PSE Reaper Crossbow, you can now choose between two packages. One package offers a 4×32 Multi-Reticle Scope while the other offers a Red Dot Scope. Both packages include four 20-inch carbon Crossbow arrows that have Half Moon Nocks (points not included), a Quick-Detach Quiver, that can hold up to 6 arrows, and a Cocking Strap.

What the People Have to Say

The PSE Reaper Crossbow is still a new product and archery enthusiasts are still trying it out. This explains the lack of user reviews present in the World Wide Web. However, majority of those who loved the Reaper’s ancestors are now looking forward to the latest features offered to them by PSE. Users hope that the PSE Reaper Crossbow stands by its two key features: performance and affordability.