Of Amazon’s most popular gifts under $35, these 60 are worth the hype

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Seasons change, and life comes at you fast — but Amazon deliveries are faster. If it’s already time to buy a gift for someone, you can easily get your shopping done online and between episodes of your favorite streaming show. That way, you can stick to what matters most: telling Netflix to mind its own business when it asks if you’re still watching. Anyway, Amazon has tons of popular gifts that are available almost instantly — and they’re seriously worth the hype.

I mean, where else can you buy a pair of flashlight gloves, a starter bonsai tree kit, a sleek pair of gaming headphones, and a lamp with a USB port — all for under $35? Nowhere, that’s where. Thanks to Amazon, you can even find a sleeping mask with Bluetooth capabilities so you can snooze to your favorite tunes, a vanity mirror that’s free of bling, and even a popular, inexpensive skillet set that costs so little you’ll double-check the price.

I know: There are still thousands of products on Amazon, and scrolling through pages and pages can be overwhelming (whether you’re buying gifts for yourself or someone else). Don’t stress, though: Below are 60 highly rated, high-quality products that make great presents. Again, they’re all available for less than $35.

1. A $20 drawing tablet that connects to your computer

This $20 tablet is one of those tools that you can use for just about anything digitally. In fact, you can use it for drawing, sketching, editing photos, taking notes, or signing documents online. The tech works with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS 10.12 or later, and it has over 2,800 five-star ratings.

2. This versatile Bluetooth adapter with stellar reviews

This Bluetooth adapter brings your non-Bluetooth device into the new, hands-free world. You can use it to listen to music in your car or make a phone call sans hands. The device is the size of a quarter, but will stay connected for up to 12.8 hours.

3. The universal socket tool that every toolbox needs

This universal socket by RAK serves as a handy adapter for your power drill and socket wrench, thanks to its inside which is packed with adjustable steel rods that conform to different shapes. Over 9,300 Amazon shoppers have given the set — which is available in two different varieties — a perfect five-star rating.

4. A laptop cooling pad that helps keeps your tech stable

The Tecknet cooling pad has gotten rave reviews for its slim profile and ability to be used at any angle. It uses two built-in, USB-powered fans to help cool devices sized at 16 inches or less — and so many Amazon shoppers also appreciated how quiet the fans are, allowing minimal distractions while they worked.

5. This gaming headset with a cushioned headband

This gaming headset has a bright, thickening pad affixed to the headband, which allows you to get lost in the game without any discomfort. The noise-canceling headphones have an omnidirectional microphone with noise-isolation tech — a nice touch at this price point. Choose from a handful of bright colors.

6. The Adidas belt bag that holds a surprising amount

You can keep track of all of your stuff with this Adidas waist bag. The fanny pack can hold a surprising amount of gear: there’s a zippered main compartment, a small pocket in the front, and a fob to secure your keys. The bag is available in over a dozen colors, from neutrals to bubblegum pink.

7. The bonsai kit that has everything you need for 5 trees

Get in touch with nature with the bonsai tree starter kit. The package contains everything you need to cultivate, nurture, and grow your bonsais — five of them, to be exact. You’ll get seeds, environmentally-friendly pots, markers, instructions, and a set of nutrient-enriched soil disks.

8. These discreet wireless earbuds that are under $30

When you want to get lost in your own world (but you don’t want to broadcast to everyone that you’re taking a little break), these Bluetooth earbuds can help. They’re made to charge in less than an hour within their case, and they even have touch control. Plus, they’re both waterproof and can be paired in one easy step.

9. The blue light-blocking glasses that cost less than a value meal

If you spend most of your day looking at a screen (no judgment), you might want to try these blue light blocking glasses; they cost a mere $6 for two pairs, but you can score packs of up to five. The plastic frames are lightweight, and the lenses aim to reduce glare and help protect your eyesight from the blue light given off by your tech.

10. These wireless karaoke mics that get the party started

If you ask me, there’s nothing quite like a little friendly competition — and this set of karaoke microphones is sure to inspire a battle of the vocalists. Available in black as well as a handful of colors, the aluminum Bluetooth microphones let you sing along to your favorite tunes — whether you’re connected to the phone app or via USB. There’s even a recording option.

11. The bottle stopper that helps preserve your open wine

You can keep your open wine bottles fresher for longer with this vacuum bottle stopper. It’s available in three different shades, and each has a silicone seal attached to a pump that’s designed to remove air. One reviewer raved about how the stopper works with both still and sparkling wines and wrote, “It kept the champagne bubbles and the sharpness of the red wines, no need to worry the rest will get flat.”

12. This floating Bluetooth speaker with a 50-foot range

Let the music play with this floating Bluetooth speaker, which is a floating sound system that you can use in pools, hot tubs, or even the shower. The speaker has a 50-foot wireless range and even lights up to bring the party to the next level. It’s available in blue, white, or purple.

13. An insulated whiskey glass that keeps your cocktails cold

This whiskey glass set is specifically designed to make your cocktail hour a more pleasant experience. It comes with one glass along with a double-insulated stainless steel glass holder that helps keep everything cold — and there’s even a rubber band in between both parts to keep them secure. It’s available in nine different colors, with a couple of varieties available in a two-pack. One happy Amazon shopper wrote, “This is my lifetime drinking glass.”

14. These stretchy gloves with built-in flashlights

Get superhero-like powers with these gloves that feature built-in flashlights. They each have a replaceable battery that’s meant to last about 30 hours, and they’re made of rugged polyester. Take them camping, fishing, or hiking — or even keep them in your car’s glove box in case your vehicle needs attention at night. Over 7,000 Amazon shoppers gave the gloves a perfect five-star rating.

15. A waterproof solar charger that can charge 2 phones at once

Whether you need some extra juice while camping or simply want the option to charge your phone in case of emergency, this dual USB waterproof battery charger will do the trick. For less than $25, you get an inexpensive, durable piece of equipment that has an impressive 20000 mAh capacity. The lithium battery can be charged with either a charging cord or by sunlight, and can fully power your iPhone X or Galaxy S9 Plus five times between charges. You can charge two phones at once, or even juice up your iPad.

16. This ring light with a mirror that gives your videos a professional look

Whether you’re video conferencing, live streaming, or creating a video, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the BenqBot selfie ring light. With three LED light settings (warm, white, and daylight), fourteen color modes, and eleven brightness levels, you have tons of options to create the perfect light scheme. You can sit or stand comfortably while you record, since the included tripod extends from 14 to 56 inches. Your phone attaches to the tripod, which can even be taken apart and used as a selfie stick, and a convenient mirror helps you keep an eye on yourself without squinting at your phone’s tiny screen.

17. These 3-in-1 charging cables that are compatible with basically everything

No matter what you need to power up, these universal charging cables will do the trick; each cable (you get a pack of three) can charge three different devices at once (it has lightning, micro USB, and type C ports for universal compatibility). The cords themselves have a tough, braided fabrication and a convenient 5 feet of length.

18. A car phone mount that wirelessly charges your device

Keep your phone at eye level as you drive with this fast charging mount from Ablegrid. The charger utilizes the Qi fast charging output to speedily charge your phone without plugs or wires. Your phone clips easily into the mount, which fits most phones and automatically grips the device. It can even rotate 270 degrees so you can easily adjust your view.

19. The $14 book light that promotes better sleep

Avoid sleep-disrupting blue light with this amber-toned light that attaches to your reading material, whether it’s an old-fashioned paper book or a handheld device. The adjustable LED light has three brightness levels and a flexible goosneck that allows you to focus the light on your reading material so you don’t disturb your partner. Choose from a handful of neutral or bold colors.

20. A sleek wooden alarm clock that doubles as a nightlight

Somehow, this digital dual alarm clock from Meko manages to be both retro and modern at the same time. The clean wooden face has a large screen, so you can make out the date, day, and time with a glance, and the brightness (and volume of the alarm) is adjustable. The display can be customized to show either 24- or 12-hour time, as well as your choice of temperature readings (Celsius or Fahrenheit). If you need a little extra light, it even comes with a night light that plugs into the clock.

21. This clip-on lens kit for your phone that makes your photos look professional

Want better pics without having to carry around a bulky DSLR? Reach for the Mocalaca camera lens kit, which comes with 11 lenses designed to make the most of your device’s camera. Whether you want to capture wide angle or macro shots, give your photos a soft filter, or add a trippy kaleidoscope or fisheye effect, this set has tons of options. The lenses are compatible with most smartphones and attach to your device with a rubber-lined clamp that makes them easy to swap out — perfect for snapping photos on the go.

22. The reusable smart notebook that digitizes your notes

I own the Rocketbook Smart notebook, and I firmly measure my note-taking life as before and after buying this handy device. Take notes using the included pen, then scan the pages with your phone to upload your notes to your favorite cloud storage (like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote). To erase the pages, simply stick your notebook in the microwave. The writing disappears, and you can use the notebook again and again.

23. This set of colorful solar path lights that shine brightly all night

Light up the night with this 12-pack of solar garden lights from Kodoo. The weatherproof LED path lights need only six to eight hours of sunlight to provide you eight to ten hours of lighting. The colorful lights are easy to install and place on your property, and Amazon reviewers report that they really do stay on all night, creating a bright and festive atmosphere.

24. A rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a portable phone charger

Make sure your hands are nice and toasty (and your devices stay topped up) with this neat little gadget from Karecel. The device gives off heat on both sides to keep your hands toasty warm, and it even has three different temperature settings. It also has a USB port so you can charge your phone from the device when necessary.

25. A beautiful night light that looks like the moon

Place this moon lamp in any room for soft, dreamy lighting — it’s an automatic conversation starter. The light comes complete with a wood stand and can be toggled between warm and cool lighting. Charge the light via USB — 2 hours gets you up go 8 hours of shine time. Choose between a handful of different sizes.

26. This budget-friendly table lamp with a USB port

Sleep well knowing your devices are charging (and your nightstand is clutter-free) with the Cotanic table lamp. The lamp, which comes in your choice of warm or daylight white, has two USB charging ports at the base of the unit, so you don’t need an extension cord to charge your phone. The fabric lampshade diffuses light, keeping your bedroom cozy and ready for slumber.

27. An affordable mini Bluetooth speaker that packs an auditory punch

This mini Bluetooth speaker may weigh only 6.2 ounces and fit in your pocket, but it can still pump some serious bass thanks to a 3W neodymium driver. The rechargeable speaker can last for 6 to 8 hours between charges, and you get two hours of music from just half an hour of charging. The speaker comes with a hook and a carrying case for extra portable convenience, and you can choose between three different colors.

28. A cozy sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones

Have sweet dreams with this combination of a breathable sleep mask and Bluetooth wireless headphones. The machine-washable mask has a padded section over your eyes for comfort that also blocks all light. The built-in headphones provide high-quality sound and a non-bulky listening experience. There’s even a microphone if you need to make a call. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours between charges, and you can take the electronic components out of the mask in order to wash it.

29. This affordable under-cabinet lighting that’s easy to install

These LED strip lights look great under kitchen cabinets, but can actually be placed anywhere you need a little extra brightness: a closet, under shelves, or even in a garage. The easy-to-install lights can be applied by simply removing the adhesive backing. Each box comes with six light strips measuring 9.8 feet long, in your choice of warm or cool white light. The lights even include a dimmer so you can illuminate your space to your exact liking — use the wireless remote to adjust.

30. A reasonably-priced Wi-Fi range extender that adds up to 1,000 square feet of coverage

Never struggle to use sub-par Wi-Fi again with this Wi-Fi range extender from Netgear. The device adds up to 1,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage and can connect to up to 15 devices. Over 33,000 Amazon shoppers gave the extender a perfect, five-star review, using the terms “super easy” and “highly recommend” in their write-ups. It makes a great gift for anyone who’s always complaining about their Wi-Fi, even if “anyone” is yourself.

31. A smart garage control that lets you open & close the door from afar

Make your garage so much smarter with this wireless garage hub and sensor kit, which works seamlessly with the free myQ app to open and close your garage door with a tap. Create a schedule of when your doors open and close, or provide remote garage access to friends and family as needed. You can even set the app to notify you when the garage opens or closes, so you can keep tabs on it from from afar.

32. This magnetic pickup tool with a powerful flashlight

This pickup tool and flashlight will make your handy work so much easier. You can use it as a flashlight (it has three bright LED bulbs), and the head has strong magnets to help you pick up dropped parts like nuts and bolts. A flexible telescoping neck allows you to adjust the tool’s length and angle to focus the light on specific spots or get into hard-to-reach places. Magnets at the base even allow you to attach the tool to a metal surface like a car hood to use it as a task light.

33. An anti-theft commuter backpack that also looks good

Snag the Wenig anti-theft backpack for all of your travels, whether you’re on a train, plane or trail. The water-resistant bag has plenty of pockets to keep you organized, including a laptop compartment and hidden antitheft pocket. A built-in lock helps keep your belongings secure, and a USB charging port helps keep your devices charged. Choose between two sizes, one that can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and one that can hold a 17.3-inch laptop.

34. A leak-proof filtering water bottle that keeps your drinks cold

You’ve got plenty to worry about, and finding cold, great-tasting water shouldn’t be one of them. This Brita insulated bottle has double wall vacuum insulation to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours and is available in either a 20- or 32-ounce capacity. Use the included Brita filter to reduce the chlorine odor and taste of tap water. Choose between a bunch of different colors.

35. This dougnut-shaped power strip you can take on the go

Traveling is exhilarating, but searching around for enough usable outlets in your hotel room is not. Tuck this portable power strip into your luggage and never worry about charging your tech again. It has three three-prong outlets and three USB ports to accommodate anything you might need to plug in. The 15-inch cord wraps around the round device for easier storage before you head out for your daily adventures.

36. An inexpensive cup warmer that keeps your coffee sippable for longer

Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with the Vobaga electric cup warmer, which has three temperature settings so you can select your ideal heat for your beverage. The slim device, available in eight colors, plugs into a wall outlet with a blessedly long-enough 60-inch cord, so you can use it on desks, coffee tables, or nightstands. All that for less than $25.

37. A phone & tablet stand with a built-in Bluetooth speaker

Place your device on this phone and tablet stand and keep your hands free to do whatever you like. Plug your phone or laptop into the rechargeable speaker on the base, and you’ve got yourself a handy stand for you to use while you cook, post a Livestream, or take part in a video call. The speaker provides super rich-sounding audio, and can last for up to 12 hours between charges.

38. The flexible tripod for your phone that you can use almost anywhere

Make sure you get the perfect shot with this flexible tripod, which can go anywhere with you without missing a beat. Stand it up to use like a traditional tripod, wrap the flexible arms around fences, rails, or posts, or even hold it as a handgrip to keep the shot stable and steady. A wireless remote lets you get the shot from up to 30 feet away, especially handy for group shots and selfies. The gadget is super lightweight, so it’s easy to throw it in your bag and take it on any outing.

39. A grown-up insulated lunch bag that reviewers love

It doesn’t matter if you’re transporting a picnic or an office lunch, this large insulated bag will take care of it in style. Carry the water-resistant soft-sided bag using either the nylon and linen handle or the shoulder strap. The double-zip bag keeps your food or drinks insulated for over 5 hours and comes in two sizes (15 or 24 liters) with your choice of three colors. “It is easy to clean. It’s durable. It’s big. I put ice packs in it and it keeps everything cold for my 9 hour shift,” wrote one happy reviewer.

40. The powerful telescope that you can slip in your pocket

Get up close with this monocular telescope from Pankoo. The waterproof telescope offers 16x magnification with a 52 millimeter anti-fogging lens and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Take the mini telescope with you to ball games, concerts, on hikes, or even to museums while traveling. I took a similar model when I visited the Sistine Chapel and was able to see the paintings on the ceiling in stunning detail.

41. This adjustable vanity mirror lit by 72 bright LEDs

Good lighting is everything, which is why this tri-fold vanity mirror is surrounded by 72 bright LEDs that won’t flicker or feel too harsh. You can adjust the LEDs to emit cool, warm, or natural lighting, as well as tweaking the brightness, as needed. The mirror also swivels by 90 degrees, and while the center mirror isn’t magnified, the two folding side mirror magnify by 1, 2, and 3x. When you’re not using it, the mirror folds shut, displaying a quilted leather-look exterior.

42. An item locator that connects to 4 things so you’ll never lose them

Get out of the house quicker with this inexpensive wireless item finder. The slim device can be used with up to four devices, so you’ll never lose your keys, wallet, or phone… heck, you can even connect your shoes so you don’t have to search for those either! Just use the included key rings to attach the color-coded dongles to the items you want to track, and press the corresponding button on the tracker to make the dongle beep. Then, simply follow the sound — a flashlight on the remote will help you track things down. The device has a range of 131 feet and can even penetrate through walls or other obstacles.

43. A pen that’s secretly a super handy multitool

Yes, this is a pen. But at the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial… but wait, there’s more! The little tool includes a ruler, touchscreen stylus, a level, a Philips and flathead screwdriver, and even four ink refills. It’s a great thing to have on hand for projects or everyday tasks, it costs less than $15 and it comes in four different colors. Many Amazon reviewers mentioned that it made a great gift for their gadget-loving friends and family, with one writing, “My dad is a gadget guy and he LOVED this! We gave him other, more expensive gifts, but THIS is one he loved most!!!!”

44. This comfy hammock chair that’s super portable

“I love the way the seat and pillows seem to hug the body, providing support and comfort while you relax outside,” wrote one reviewer of this hanging hammock chair, which can be used in or outdoors. Made from a soft cotton-blend fabric with two pillows, the chair is super comfy. It’s also incredibly portable, since it only weighs 7 pounds. The fabric is even UV-resistant, so it won’t fade in the sun. Choose from white or dark gray, or from three bright striped prints.

45. A set of remote-controlled strip lights designed to deck out your car

Make your commute more colorful with these remote-controlled car lights. They’re super easy to install inside your car using the adhesive backing, and you can power them easily through your cigarette lighter. You can use the remote or a phone app to select your preferred brightness or color, or to choose between seven different scene modes, including one that changes to the rhythm of your music.

46. This weighted cable organizer that keeps your tech neat

Stop the tangle of tech cords with this cable organizer. The silicone organizer comes in your choice of seven colors and can handle just about any cord you have (USB, HDMI, Apple lightning cables, and more). The compact design keeps the organizer smaller than a playing card so it doesn’t take up too much space, yet the handy device weighs just over half a pound — perfect for keeping your gear from slipping.

47. The personal safety alarm that gives you peace of mind

Give yourself (or someone you love) a little extra peace of mind with this personal safety alarm. The discreet device has a pin that, when removed, causes a strobe light to flash and a 13-decibel alarm to sound. The gadget was designed by women to give others an extra layer of safety when out and about, comes in five colors, and can attach easily to your keys or belt loop.

48. A warm Bluetooth beanie that looks as good as it sounds

Don’t let a few measly degrees stand between you and your music. This Bluetooth beanie has a headset hidden inside the fabric, allowing you to listen to your favorite music or podcast as you scoot around town. The hat utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 tech, so you can be assured that your preferred devices will work. A built-in microphone makes phone calls easy, and you can always remove the tech in order to wash the hat. Also, the beanie itself is made from a double-knit acrylic blend, so it’s super cozy.

49. The temperature-sensitive faucet light that’s powered by water

Give (or get) these three-color LED faucet lights and you’ll soon wonder what magic makes the gadget work. The lights, which are powered by the flow of the water, turn on when you use the faucet. The color changes as the water temp changes: blue for below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, green for between 33 to 41 degrees, and red for 42 to 45 degrees. Choose from a bunch of different formats, including shower head lights, swivel faucet lights, and more.

50. This set of quirky tablet holders that cost less than $3 apiece

Get a handle on your tech with an eight-pack of these plastic phone and tablet holders. The cheeky thumbs up design serves as a sturdy stand to keep your tech upright. The holders average to be less than $3 per piece and each pack comes with an assortment of different colors. “These things are cute as a button and hold the phone firmly in place,” raved one reviewer.

51. This USB-powered flame-free lighter you can keep recharging

Never fear a windy day or deep candle holders with this USB-rechargeable flame-free lighter. The device uses electricity to create an arc, which lights your fireplace, grill, candles, or lanterns with ease. You can use it over 60 times on a single charge, and you can recharge it more than 100 times to use it over and over. Available in a handful of colors, the lighter also features a safety lock so little hands can stay safe.

52. This 2-pack of color-changing night lights with a sleek, minimalist design

Light your way from the bedroom to the bathroom with this two-pack of GE night lights. The lights, which automatically turn on at dusk and off at first light, can be set to your choice of soft white, eight solid colors, or a color-changing mode that cycles through all eight shades. The night lights have a narrow profile so they don’t take up too much space or cover more than one outlet, and since they’re LEDs, they’ll last a really long time. Choose from packs of two or four.

53. This set of three sturdy cast iron skillets for less than $10 each

Not everyone has a grandmother who can pass down a well-loved cast-iron skillet. This set of three pre-seasoned skillets includes a 6-, 8-, and 10-inch skillet, for less than $30 in total. The cast iron pans are oven-safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be used for everything from grilling to braising. The long handles are easy to hold, and each skillet has two convenient pouring spouts.

54. A pack of goofy, upbeat webcam covers that aren’t boring slabs of plastic

Boost your morale while simultaneously maintaining your privacy with these bright-colored webcam covers. Each cover has cartoonishly silly eyes, along with hands holding a sign with a peppy motivational phrase that will keep your spirits up. “This cam covers are so cute and motivational! How could you not have a great day looking at these,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “Easy to use and functional across different devices.”

55. A set of 4 smart plugs that make it easy to automate your home

For less than $30 you get four smart plugs that work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or a smartphone app. The result? Control your electronics with your voice, set them on a schedule, or fiddle with them from afar. You can even share outlet control with your family, so everyone has convenient access. Don’t need a pack of four? The plugs also come in two- and three-packs, so you can make sure your home is exactly as smart as it needs to be.

56. This sleek charging station that can rapidly charge 6 devices

Charge up to six devices at once and keep them organized with this charging station. It has four lightning cables for your Apple devices, plus a micro-USB and a type C cable, so it’s compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and headphones — and it has fast charging, too. Adjustable dividers and short charging cables make it easy to keep your devices organizes and upright.

57. An eye-saving backlight kit for your TV that can sync to audio

Create a dramatic cinematic experience at home and reduce eye fatigue with this TV backlight kit, which includes four LED light strips measuring 9.8 feet in total. The kit is designed to work best for TVs measuring 46 to 55 inches in size, and the strips easily stick to the TV with adhesive backing. The low-voltage lights are safely wrapped, meaning you can use these lights both inside and outdoors. Control them via an app on your phone to change the brightness and color, or even set them to color-changing modes including one that syncs to audio.

58. A beautiful wooden docking station that eliminates clutter

Store your gear out in the open with style with this wooden docking station. The station is available in two gorgeous wood finishes (walnut and oak) and can hold all of your everyday essentials neatly, so they don’t create clutter or get lost around the house. It has a charging slot so you can juice up your phone or tablet while it’s on the docking station, a peg for rings or keys, a notch designed to hold glasses, a watch-holding spot, and a tray where you can stick a pen, wallet, or device. The tray even has an indented area for smaller items like coins.

59. This wireless charging pad that quickly tops up your Apple devices

At the end of a long day, you don’t want to blearily try to plug your phone into its charger. Easily top up your phone by placing it on this slim charging pad. The pad is a collaboration with Apple, so you can rest assured that it works with iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus, as well as AirPods and AirPods Pro. Best of all, at this price (around $20!), you can buy multiples and keep one in every room.

60. An under-$20 lapel microphone that sounds crisp and clear

Say goodbye to the sigh-inducing refrain of “can you hear me now” every time you jump on a call, or improve the audio on your TikTok videos with this discreet lapel microphone. The microphone has a 6.5-foot cord, so you have some wiggle room while you use it, as well as a headphone jack so you can plug in and hear yourself talk. A windscreen and noise-isolating feature make sure the audio sounds clear. The microphone can even plug into your laptop so you can record sound directly to your device.