No Holds Barred – How To Rap Battle Like A Beast

Are you ready to enter the world of battle rapping? In this article I am going to give you some very powerful advice that on how to rap battle like a beats. Battle rapping is one on the most popular forms of rapping out there. It is where 2 mc’s go toe to toe to see who can be outwitted, outsmarted and basically out rapped. These type of battles can be found going down anywhere from a local street corner, night club or even as low key as somebody’s basement. One thins is for sure, when it comes to battle rapping only the strong survive.

Learning how to rap battle can be done but to become a lean mean rhyming machine you will have to really take note to what I am about to share with you. If you follow what I am about to teach you will see results.

Study Rap Battles – This is very important but often times over looked. You need to watch new school and old school rap battles. You should make time everyday to watch these competitions. Doing this will make you better without you even realizing it. The more you watch the more it will become a part of you. I know this sounds kind of strange but this is the truth.

Write Punchlines – You should always be thinking of and writing down catchy punch lines. Even if you never use them in a battle doing this will help your creativeness in actual battles. It doesn’t matter where you are, if something hits you, you need to write it down even if it means writing on your hand for the time being. Think as writing your punch lines down as stacking your ammo. 

Practice Battling Anything – It doesn’t really matter what it is, battle it. It could be a poster on the wall or your little sisters baby doll. Whatever it is you need to imagine that it can reply back to you so you need to really let it have it. If you are battling your little sisters bay doll you should be talking about how small she is and she’s made out of plastic. I know this may seem stupid but believe me this is another exercise that can really help your creativeness when it’s time to really get down.

Don’t Be Afraid – This is probably what stops most from winning rap battles, fear. You must remember that this is a competition so your main goal is to win. If the person you are battling has a dirty shirt you need to point it out. If they have braces on their teeth then point it out. Anything goes in a true rap battle. The key is to make sure that you are clever with what you are saying. You can pretty much get away with saying anything in a  battle if you say it the right way.

You have just learned the basics when it come to learning how to rap battle like a beast. Get focused and you can dominate this style of rap.