Most Popular Online Motorsport Games in 2022

Most Popular Online Motorsport Games in 2022 IndyCar iRacing Challenge American Red Cross Grand Prix

Nowadays, motorsports are very popular all over the globe. People like to watch motorsports races, play related video games and according to Crikeyslots, play a few slot games related to a specific theme.

Speaking of video games, online motorsport games (or sim racing) are gaining a lot of momentum these days. With modern technology advancing as it is now, you can basically drive a race car in virtual reality.

Whether you simply use a console controller, keyboard and mouse or a complete driver setup and VR headset to race online, the experience is always unique. That being said, there are more and more online motorsports games for people to enjoy with different race types to choose from.

Considering the words by Erik King on Zamsino, even new online casinos are developing motorsports-themed games for their audience. With that in mind, here are a few most popular online motorsports games in 2022.

Gran Turismo 7

Alles über Gran Turismo 7: Vorbestellung, Gameplay und weitere Details Most Popular Online Motorsport Games in 2022

Released on March 4, 2022, the newest instalment in the GT franchise has taken the world by storm. GT 7 was the best selling game in the UK in the first week of its release.

If you ever played any of the previous GT instalments, you’ll be happy to know that most of the features that made this game so popular and loved, such as driving schools, used car dealerships, race car modification and so on are still present in the game.

GT 7 also has a multiplayer option which players can unlock once they pass a certain driving test and obtain the required license. Players can, therefore, compete against each other in leagues, championships and special events. Cars can be modified, bought and sold, as well as traded amongst players themselves.



This game has been around since 2008 and it’s one of the most popular motorsport simulation games even today. Everything is hosted online and the game itself is a subscription-based model.

It simulates real-world cars, events and tracks while enforcing specific rules and code of conduct you’d find in present-day race events. One of the greatest features of iRacing is that it fully supports VR technology, such as HTC, Pimax, HP and Oculus headsets.

VR technology allows players to have a unique racing experience provided they have the necessary equipment to fully enjoy this feature. Players must pass through driving school and obtain licenses that will allow them to progress through the game and compete in specific races or events.

Forza 7

Forza Motorsport 7 Xbox One & PC - Buy Xbox Live Game CD-Key

Another popular motorsport franchise Forza celebrates its 7th instalment released back in 2017. The popularity of this franchise continues to improve each year. With Forza Motorsport officially announced but with no release date yet, Forza fans can still enjoy previous instalments until the next one is ready to come out.

Forza 7 has over 700 cars, 200 different configurations and over 32 race locations for players to enjoy including some of the famous F1 tracks. The customization features in this game and franchise, in general, are unparalleled compared to other games. Forza 7 also has both single-player and multiplayer options for you to choose from.

There are no special requirements to race against other players though. You can either choose to play split-screen multiplayer with your friends or join the online community and play against other players around the world.

Need For Speed: Heat

Need for Speed 2022 - Releasetermin endlich bekannt?

The latest NFS instalment introduces an open world environment where players can roam and race as they see fit. As you might imagine, NFS Heat is packed with action including high-speed street races and being chased by the local authorities.

Running from the police and evading their pursuits is and has been one of the best features in all NFS instalments. Other than that, there’s still a plethora of car modifications and customization options for you to enjoy to the fullest. The game is placed in the so-called Palm City, which is a virtual representation of Miami, Florida.

With the local authorities hell-bent on stopping any illegal street racing, you can choose to progress through the story as a single player or race against other players in the multiplayer feature. The game features 127 cars from 33 manufacturers with a few more available to you through downloadable content (DLC).

Closing Words on Motorsport Games

Online motorsports games are very popular and will continue to become even more popular in the future. The main reason is that the technology behind these games is constantly improving making the games themselves more realistic and more enjoyable. Maybe you can’t drive a real race car, which is why these video games provide the next best thing when it comes to an authentic racing experience.