Making a world of difference with The Travel Franchise Climate Hero initiative

Making a world of difference with The Travel Franchise Climate Hero initiative

CHRISTCHURCH, UNITED KINGDOM, May 30, 2022 / — Ecotourism

With the focus on the environment and the impact our actions have, the tourist industry is embracing the concept of sustainable travel. However, holidays that are eco-friendly, promote conservation and foster the cultural understanding of local people also have to provide positive experiences to the travellers themselves, and thus the idea of ecotourism developed.

Ecotourism is set to skyrocket in 2022 as the holiday sector recovers post-Covid, with 61% of travellers reporting that the pandemic has encouraged them to choose a sustainable holiday over the more traditional vacations, according to Even eco-staycations are on the rise with 16% of Brits planning one this year.

Founder of multi-award-winning The Travel Franchise, Steve Witt talked to us about the growth of sustainable holidays and where he sees them heading in the future.

The Travel Franchise have been one of the first companies to push the idea of ecotourism, making it a big part of their ethos, with Witt firmly stating that he sees it as “the right thing to do”. He goes on to say that he saw phase one as tackling climate change, followed by the inclusion of phase two – social responsibility and the impact travel has on the environment. Witt feels it’s crucial to ask ourselves what are we putting back into the local marketplace:

“What impact does your tourism have on the local economy?”

Working with Mossy Earth, The Travel Franchise are already making a difference at grassroots level with a series of global conservation projects. These include restoring the native forests of Scotland, home to red squirrels, pine martins and the rare Scottish crossbill, and protecting the seagrass meadows off the coast of Portugal, where seahorses and turtles find sanctuary.

With their Climate Hero initiative, The Travel Franchise is putting ecotourism at the forefront of the holiday industry.

Your input can make a world of difference

Taking this one step further, Witt also feels it’s important to look at the best, most effective way The Travel Franchise can lend its support to various political, and societal issues. For example, donating funds to aid the people of war-torn Ukraine. It goes without saying, however, that each cause would have to be considered carefully.

With this in mind, Witt has ensured that the resources owned by The Travel Franchise are at the disposal of its franchisees to support these causes.

Investing in The Travel Franchise can, and does, transform lives, making a positive global impact. The holiday industry is a growing sector with 3.5 million Brits planning trips abroad this summer, that’s up 19% on pre-pandemic levels. Add to that the growth of ecotourism, and you’re on to a winner, for you, for your customers and for the world. For more information, please visit

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