Let’s hear it for the girls: Turkey’s expat YouTube stars

Let’s hear it for the girls: Turkey’s expat YouTube stars

It’s time to recognize the remarkable variety of expat vloggers and podcast makers on YouTube and other social media websites who highlight life in Turkey after making it home. These social media stars, who all happen to be gorgeous women, hail from countries like New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Holland, Germany, Canada and the United States. Excellent at their craft, they serve as captivating hosts on shows that are centered on this spectacular country.

Check out this list of Turkey’s lovely expat ladies of YouTube.


Franziska Niehus is the German expat behind TravelComic, an excellent YouTube channel with dozens of entertaining travel videos on Turkey. Franzi plans to travel to all 81 provinces, and she has uploaded videos of her travels, which also happened to be in a classic Turkish Tofaş car to boot! Her dream, in addition to traveling as much of Turkey as she can, is to make a living through filmmaking and traveling.

YouTuber Franziska Niehus in Bilecik, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram's travelcomic)
YouTuber Franziska Niehus in Bilecik, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram’s travelcomic)

This fearless blonde beauty has hitchhiked over 10,000 kilometers (about 6,200 miles) and traveled to over 60 countries, but the pandemic pushed her to settle down in her favorite city, Istanbul. The channel also features many of her foreign escapades, which are especially exciting, especially her adventures traveling to Pakistan and Iran. Franzi actually has several projects in the works, which you can discover more about on her website Travelcomic.com. One of her passions involves visiting 81 schools to inform them about the harms of plastic pollution and possible solutions.

Chelsea Elizabeth

A wondrous YouTube channel for expats or any foreigner interested in Turkey is run by Chelsea Elizabeth: an American expat based in Izmir who has lived in various regions of Turkey for the past decade, including Ağrı. Chelsea Elizabeth has posted over 100 videos of her journey as a foreigner living in Turkey and learning to speak Turkish. There is a wealth of practical and entertaining knowledge about daily life in Turkey, food with a vegan focus and lots of endearing commentary on Turkish language learning.

Don’t get me wrong, Chelsea’s Turkish is excellent, as is her familiarity with and observations of Turkey and Turks, which she shares in multiple videos. This also includes the downsides, such as strange things Turks do which she shared in her most recent video, entitled “Things I don’t understand about Turkey,” where she tackles challenging topics such as confusing road signs and photoshopped ID photos. In other videos, she shares book and film reviews and offers her ultimate playlist of Turkish songs. It also doesn’t hurt that Chelsea is absolutely stunning to look at with long blond hair and blue eyes with a wonderful and engaging personality to boot.

YouTuber Rosemary poses for a photo. (Photo from Instagram's myprettyeverything)
YouTuber Rosemary poses for a photo. (Photo from Instagram’s myprettyeverything)

My Pretty Everything

Yet another blonde bombshell, Dutch expat Rosemary is the creator of My Pretty Everything, a channel that offers a wealth of beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips all centered around her life in Turkey. Based in Marmaris, Rosemary travels, dines, shares makeup tutorials and also has a plethora of videos on life in Turkey as an expat. She moved to Turkey to join her Turkish husband in 2016, and she shares everything from her wedding to her personal experience during the lockdown and the wildfires that raged near where she resides.

Also of particular interest to foreigners in Turkey, she provides insight into life in the country with videos on visiting a Turkish home, choosing a Turkish baby name and what she eats in a day. With nearly 200 vlogs all uploaded within the past two years on the YouTube channel and an enchanting Instagram account, My Pretty Everything has a wealth of content to entertain anyone but is especially appealing to the ladies for her focus on all things beautiful.

YouTuber Bery Istanbul Tips in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram's beryistanbultips)
YouTuber Bery Istanbul Tips in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram’s beryistanbultips)

Bery Istanbul Tips

The YouTube channel Bery Istanbul Tips is a wonderful resource for travel information by an entertaining and attractive Mexican expat who has been living in Istanbul for the past seven years. On this channel, which has well over a hundred videos and promises a new one each week, the host shares valuable information and tips on all things pertaining to travel and Turkey. While the videos are in English, Bery also provides Spanish subtitles for her fellow Spanish-speaking viewers.

YouTuber Fiore Bella in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram's fiore_bella_exploretr)
YouTuber Fiore Bella in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram’s fiore_bella_exploretr)

While the channel has a heavy emphasis on Istanbul, she also shares her traveling and dining experiences and does a number of food tours as well as offers a slew of practical tips for expats and tourists on topics such as residence permits, how to navigate the big city and her most recent video on the most useful apps for living in Turkey.

Fiore Bella

The captivating host of the YouTube channel Fiore Bella is a trilingual expat hailing from Costa Rica. Based in Izmir, Fiore has posted over 30 videos on living and cooking in Turkey. She even has a video of a day in her life in Alsancak where she goes to the gym and pays a visit to the hairdresser.

While most of her videos are in her native Spanish with English subtitles, she also has several vlogs shot in English and even Turkish. The language doesn’t serve as a barrier whatsoever as her endearing commentary is quite charming whether you understand the words or not, plus most videos have excellent footage of her travels as backdrops.

YouTuber Fiore Bella in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram's fiore_bella_exploretr)
YouTuber Fiore Bella in Cappadocia, Turkey. (Photo from Instagram’s fiore_bella_exploretr)

From Canada to Adana

While admittedly less active of late, From Canada to Adana is a wonderfully informative YouTube channel created by Canadian expat Cecile, an educator and writer who lives in Adana with her husband and children.

On her channel, which has dozens of videos uploaded over the past year, Cecile shares her personal experience of life in Turkey’s Istanbul and Adana, weighing in on why she chose to live in Turkey, while also posting informative videos tackling pertinent topics such as how to get a teaching job in Turkey, raising multilingual kids and even gardening. One of the greatest features of Cecile’s channel is her series of “Expat Conversations,” where she interviews expats from all over the world living in Turkey and beyond.

Following the Funks

This YouTube channel is actually hosted by a couple, Catie and Jason. Catie is so intelligent and adorable that Following the Funks definitely deserves mention on this list. The couple has over 50 videos thus far. Follow the travel tips, expat advice and adoption adventure of this American couple in Izmir who are wonderfully entertaining and skilled presenters that love Turkey.

Podcaster Michelle Schoenfeld poses for a photo. (Photo from michelleschoenfeld.com)
Podcaster Michelle Schoenfeld poses for a photo. (Photo from michelleschoenfeld.com)

‘You Lost me at Namaste’

The wellness podcast “You Lost me at Namaste” is presented by American expat Michelle Schoenfeld, based in Bodrum. Luckily for us here in Turkey, the podcast comes with a Turkish twist as some of her interviews, which is a highlight of the podcast, take place in Turkey. Referred to as the “well-being alchemist,” Schoenfeld, who has been featured on American television stations such as ABC and CBS, interviews wellness specialists from all over the world to tackle meaningful topics related to self-development.

An inspirational speaker herself and yet another attractive and glamorous woman with golden locks, Michelle is also hosting a new travel show on her home away from home titled “Discover Turkey with Michelle Schoenfeld.” While not as present on YouTube as her predecessors in this piece, you can find her podcasts on youlostmeatnamaste.com.

YouTuber Lana Tiare poses for a photo. (Photo from Instagram's lanatiare)
YouTuber Lana Tiare poses for a photo. (Photo from Instagram’s lanatiare)

Lana Tiare

An extensive traveler, the New Zealand native behind the channel Lana Tiare luckily also stops in Turkey. Her channel has extensive videos of her travels and dining worldwide and includes a number featuring Turkey.

This former nurse has a mesmerizing accent and presence, making the videos extremely enjoyable and relaxing to watch while also providing a wealth of information on all things pertaining to travel.