Last Epoch: The Best XP Farming Tips And Areas To Level Up Quickly

Last Epoch is an action role-playing game. Players must level up quickly if they want to experience the exciting endgame content and loot powerful loot as soon as possible.

Currently, Last Epoch has a level cap of 100, so veteran players of the genre will no doubt want this issue addressed as soon as possible. This way they can experience the addictive endgame loot grind these games are known for.

This guide covers everything players need to know to earn XP and level up quickly in Last Epoch. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Get More XP?

Here we’ll look at the best ways to get as much XP as possible so players can easily prepare for the endgame. It should be noted that before entering, if you want to make your leveling journey smoother, just buy Last Epoch Gold in advance!

Complete The Main Storyline

This fantasy role-playing game features a hopeful narrative that takes players through timelines into the magical world of Eterra. Last Epoch story has nine chapters, giving players a great start.

However, in keeping with the expectations of the game genre, Last Epoch has many side quests to complete. While tempting, players may want to focus on the main story missions, as they will provide the most XP to help you level up quickly. Of course, you can buy Last Epoch boosting directly to get goals faster.

Advancing The Campaign

Sadly, there’s no skip campaign button here, but you can use the most interesting skills as you level up.

By the way, even if you don’t complete the campaign, you can continue with the main quests until you finally get all Passive Point rewards and all Idol slots.

Last Epoch campaign skip guide

Thankfully, the game indicates this via a checklist whenever you open a map. Therefore, you only need to complete Chapter 7 to get all Passive Points and Idol slots.

If you’re just progressing through the campaign, there are some tricks you can employ to speed things up.

Increase Movement Speed

Similar to Diablo 4, Last Epoch features a semi-linear map filled with enemies and treasure to loot. In Last Epoch, being fast enough is the first step to leveling up quickly. Because, in this way, you can avoid threats while keeping moving, greatly improving the efficiency of farming XP.

This is achieved by farming or purchasing a collection of Last Epoch Items, such as Rings and Boots, which provide movement speed bonuses. Of course, higher rarities offer better rewards, so players should look for any way to get some rare loot.

Where to Find the Cursed Veteran's Boots to Increase Difficulty

Traversal Skill

Traversal skill is faster than just relying on movement speed. You can discover some skills that will allow you to move easily and close the gap. However, some of these rely on aiming, and you may move slower when there are no enemies to charge to.

Most of them have a cooldown or a high mana cost, so manage them well. They may not give you more XP, but they will help you get off the map faster or jump to other enemy monsters. It’s helpful when trying to level up quickly in Last Epoch.

Monolith Of Fate Endgame

While Monolith of Fate is an endgame feature of the game, players can tackle them early to ease the difficulty of gearing up and grinding for XP. They feature randomized levels that allow players to test their builds against a variety of enemies and provide rare loot to players who see through it.

In addition, various modifiers allow players to keep the game experience fresh so that they will not feel bored while quickly leveling up in Last Epoch.

Note that Monolith of Fate is only available in Chapter 3, so players will need to have a little patience to solve it. Before that happens, it’s crucial to spend Last Epoch Gold to buy some proper gear and be prepared.

Last Epoch Monolith of Fate Guide End Game 2023, New Player Tips

Kill Rare Enemies

Last Epoch has a ton of monsters and creatures to slay, some of which stand out. These are Magic and Heroic enemies.

Both have additional affixes to their names to help their special nature stand out. Magic enemies have an affix in their names, while Heroic or Rare enemies have a prefix and a suffix in their names.

Note that these are stronger enemies and, therefore, more difficult to fight. However, if the player wins, they are rewarded with more XP. Among them, Magic enemies receive 50% more XP than normal enemies, while Heroic enemies receive up to 200% bonus. Therefore, we recommend players to go out of their way to kill these rare enemies in Last Epoch to level up quickly.

Find Experience Shrines

Like several other action RPGs, this game also has Shrines that provide temporary buffs. Among them, Experience Shrines are an easy stepping stone to quickly level up in Last Epoch. Interacting with it provides a 50% buff to all XP earned for a duration of 60 seconds.

While it may not sound like enough, every little help. There are often large numbers of enemies surrounding these Experience Shrines on the map, and players should try to make the most of it.

Last Epoch Experience Shrines

Best XP Farming Areas

As an action RPG, Last Epoch has matured and features different levels full of unique enemies. However, there are only two unparalleled locations in the game where players can grind XP.

Monolith Of Fate Arena

Monolith of Fate endgame features multiple nodes, each of which presents a unique challenge for the player. Some may even have XP modifiers that further increase XP for completing the content within them.

Something to watch out for are Arenas in the endgame of Monolith of Fate, as they will throw up waves of enemies for players to eliminate in order to gain a steady stream of XP.

Last Epoch Arena


This is probably the toughest yet most rewarding challenge in the game. Arena throws waves of increasingly tough enemies at players, forcing them into combat until they finally succumb. This also makes it the best way to level up quickly in Last Epoch.


Here’s everything players need to know to quickly earn XP to level up quickly in Last Epoch. This guide gives you the knowledge and strategies you need to successfully advance to level 100 without unnecessary struggle. Following this guide will ensure you’re on the right track to seamlessly reach the coveted highest level.

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