Indomitable Torch of Reformation

Inquisitiveness is the origin of overall development of the personal as well as the organizational. Consciousness is the base of inquisitiveness. Consciousness acts through our sensitive inner & outer organs. Sensitive of sensor organs acquiring knowledge to makes fittest for survival individually & collectively. The way of implementing of knowledge is intelligence. Knowledge is always steady, perfect & constant, but intelligence has two aspects, one is repulsion & other is attraction. Lack of knowledge is called foolishness. Foolishness & repulsion intelligence booths are called ignorance. Ignorance creating poverty, unnatural widows, orphans, foolishness, anarchy, war, ammunition competition, disintegration, massacre discrimination, humiliation, exploitation, manipulation, sentimental religion etc. Sensor system is controlled by law of nature, and motor system is virile & valour controlled by own for psycho-physical balance of life & growth with effulgence of personality both individually & collectively.

The reality of human life in the base of humanity, equality, justice, love & happiness for being & becoming is effects of higher consciousness arisen in mind, and to overcome from conservative, dominance, obscure, hallucination, illusion, obscure, fascination, retaliate, tenacious, ego, which are the impacts of complexes. Therefore no country, state, caste, creed or single person are responsible for such non-existential blow of thought among world people since ancient age. It is an unseen, feel only natural calamity evolved from micromechanism of cosmos. Unseen natural calamity stands for realize the happiness, and happiness is himself GOD. Cosmos is the unison of positive & negative. Cosmos base is macrocosm, and macrocosm modified to microcosm.

So we the world people realize the existing socio-economy scenario of world. Earth (natural properties) and environmental undetected perpetual truth is waiting to awaken our consciousness for innovating new technology to fulfill the existential needs. Exactly perpetual, eternal and invariable truth about religion can facilitate world people to realize the soul properties happiness in day time pertaining with post, position, dignity, possession by interdependent & hearty co-operation. Such act of reformation by knowing perpetual truth, righteous indignation, unicentric psychophysical elatement & conveying is “Indomitable torch of reformation. “