Ideas on Creating Your Very first Design Airport

Ideas on Creating Your Very first Design Airport

So, you have a collection of model airplanes, and you want to display them in a practical method by setting up a model airport. In this short article I am heading to give you some suggestions on how to create that very first product airport.

Scale and Space

How substantially house do you have offered? This is the initial issue you need to have to remedy. In addition to the house, what scale are you heading to be applying?  There are numerous scales available.  The most popular scales are 1:200, 1:400 and 1:500 (premier to smallest respectively). The smaller the scale, the additional “stuff” (these types of as terminals, hangars, runways, gates, etcetera) you can incorporate on your airport.


The very first substance you will need to opt for is the base on which you are going to create your airport. You can use plywood, particle board, or Styrofoam insulation panels. If you are going to be painting the tarmac, you want to come across the smoothest area achievable.


Are you earning a real or a fantasy airport? If you are thinking of making a actual airport, you want to get the structure of the airport you want to re-create, such as all the needed measurements if attainable.  You can search on the world wide web for the requirements of the airport you want to build.

On the other hand, if you are making a fantasy airport, allow your creativity manual you.  Glance all-around at airport websites on the world wide web, or airport journals to get some tips.

Airport Properties

You are going to require as a minimum amount a main terminal setting up. The sizing of your terminal setting up will depend on how substantially place you have out there, and the layout of the airplane pads. In addition, you could want to include a domestic terminal, an global terminal, a cargo place, a commuter terminal, hangars, gas depot, and so forth. It all relies upon on how a great deal room you have and on your format.

Runway/Taxiway markings

For the runway/taxiway markings you can use coloured markers, or drafter’s tape in different shades. You can locate these at your nearby arts and crafts store.


For the landscaping you can go to your regional miniature railroad keep or hobby shop, and use some of the landscape content they offer.  Products these as trees, grass, gravel, and so on.  These will incorporate a ton of realism to your diorama.

These are some simple strategies to assistance you with your initial airport. If you require any much more facts, I would propose wanting on the net for product airport forums this kind of as Wings 900, 400 Scale hangar, Diecast Aircraft forum.  The users there are complete of information and facts and suggestions, not to mention a large amount of pictures from fellow airport fanatic.