How to Tease a Man & Attract Him? Tricks Every Woman Ought to Know About Teasing Men

How to Tease a Man & Attract Him? Tricks Every Woman Ought to Know About Teasing Men

Sugar and spice and everything nice…if you want to really get a man then you have to be a little bit of both. Men like women as sweet as sugar but also want a woman who can titillate their senses. Knowing how to tease a man therefore becomes very essential in the entire dating and seduction process. Here are a few ways that you must learn if you want to know how to tease a man.

Begin with the way you dress
Be a visual treat. The first tingle of attraction must begin form the time he sets his eyes on you. So get body beautiful and get to work. Baby soft skin, gorgeous locks and a dress to kill is the ammunition that you are going to need.

Be sexy and not slutty
Now you have to make sure that you look sexy, classy and elegant and not crass, cheap and trashy. Reveling too much by wearing clothes that are too tight, too short, and too plunging give out all the wrong signals to a guy. You want to be a tease not a tart.

Smell great
Make sure that you smell great. The sense of smell plays a very vital role in igniting the feeling of desire in men and women. Make use of that and wear a perfume that is light, lingering and intoxicating. It will make him want to come close to you and you are not allowing that just yet!

Get your body working
Body language is next thing that plays a very big role in teasing a man. When you really want to tease a man don’t touch him. Instead, touch yourself in a nonchalant but intensely sexy manner. Massage your shoulder as if it is hurting or unconsciously touch the border of your dress or run your hands through your hair and end at your cleavage…the list is endless.

Naughty talking
Be a naughty talker. Teasing by talking is a very big turn on for guys. This will show your intelligence and will immediately get him hooked.

Eye contact
Make eye contact and learn to hold his gaze without looking like a psycho. Look deep into his eyes when you talk and then suddenly look away. He will always want to know what happened. Get caught looking at him and be cute after…it’s all in the eyes.

Get him close but never close enough
Look for ways to get him close but don’t let him get close enough. Get him to smell your new perfume form your nape or wrist, show him your tattoo, ask him to feel your aching shoulders etc. He will go nuts with desire!