How To Make an Airsoft Gun Shoot Better – Easy Tips To Make An Airsoft Gun Shoot Fast and Accurate

The one thing that most airsoft gun enthusiasts want is an airsoft gun that shots faster, farther and is more accurate then everyone else’s gun. While many people want this increase in performance most people are not sure how to increase the performance of an airsoft gun, the article below will briefly go over some common upgrades to help you better understand how to get the most from your weapon.

Stronger Spring Upgrade

One of the best modifications that you can do to your gun is to put a stronger spring in the gearbox. The stronger spring is going to push the piston back much faster which in turn will give more air pressure resulting in great FPS. This will require you to disassemble the gearbox and if you are not familiar with the procedure you may need to find a good airsmith to do the job for you.

Add a Better Hop Up Bucking

The hop up unit in your gun controls the back spin on your BB and keeping it flying straight and not drifting up or down. Often times the stock hop up rubber will start to dry out and also grip the BB unevenly. This can result in erratic flight patterns. An aftermarket concave hop up unit can solve this problem as they use better materials and the concave shape matches the BB contour for more even hop up action. The result will be a very consistent flying shot and FPS.

Add a Tight Bore Barrel

Most airsoft guns have barrels that are 6.05 mm in diameter, which is a fair amount larger then the common BB diameter of 5.95 mm. This extra diameter can cause BB bounce which can lead to flight pattern inconsistencies and reduced FPS. The best way to eliminate this is by adding a tight bore barrel. These are available in 6.03 and 6.01 mm diameters and the tighter seal will increase the FPS of your gun. Each has positives and negatives associated with it so you may want to talk with your airsoft retailer when making your choice.

Use Quality Ammunition

The last thing you want to do is make sure your airsoft gun shoots better is to use a good high quality BB. This is especially critical if you are running a tight bore barrel as many of the lower quality ammunition has irregular sizes, shapes and even air pockets which can cause a wide variance in accuracy or worse yet a jam in your guns barrel.