How To Know If You Are in A Good GRE Coaching centre

Many students appear for GRE exam  pattern teaching courses. This is not just to ‘beat’ the test but also to get a deeper insight into the entire process and learn things that may seem obvious to many but aren’t so simple to others. These coaching classes not only help you crack GRE, they also help you learn various skills – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Analytical Writing – which will increase your chances of scoring well in any other competitive exam too. This article presents ten aspects whose total would give us an idea about how good a coaching center is:

1) The Faculty at the Centre

The faculty at any institute is vital in determining how good the coaching experience will be. Do they have a good success ratio, and more importantly, know their subject? Faculty is one of the most important ingredients at any coaching institute. One must choose a faculty who not only has extensive experience in dealing with GRE exam patterns but also keeps updating themself with all updates to GRE.

2) The Strength of the Student’s Group

Student’s group or Section is critical for students since it comprises students who are at approximately the same level as you are. It helps if it is a small section rather than big and consists of 100% regular students (no part-timers). A suction system allows teachers to monitor each student’s progress and provides maximum support and motivation for every individual.

3) The Teaching Methodology

The methodology of teaching is essential. Is the faculty teacher-centric or student-centric? A good coaching institute will have a method that is centered around the needs of the students. The focus should be on making concepts easy to understand and not rote learning.

4) Duration of the Course

The duration of the course is essential. It should neither be too short nor too long. A good coaching center would offer a system that is just right for you in terms of both duration and intensity.

5) Timings/Availability of Classes

Classes at a coaching center must be available at convenient timings that work best for students. Institutes that are inflexible with timings or do not have classes on weekends are a big no-no.

6) The Study Material

The quality of the study material is essential. It should be extensive and up to date with the latest changes in GRE. The material must also be well-organized and easy to understand.

7) Practice Tests

The best way to prepare for any exam is by taking practice tests. A coaching center must provide an ample number of practice tests that are as close to the actual GRE as possible.

8) Faculty Support/Guidance Outside Classroom

Faculty support is extremely important, especially when it comes to doubt clarification or additional help required outside classroom hours. Good coaching centers ensure that their faculty members are always available to support their students.

9) Flexible Payment Plans

Coaching institutes must have flexible payment plans that students can easily afford. Institutes that do not have such schemes should be avoided.

10) Overall Learning Environment

The overall learning environment at a coaching institute is essential. It should be positive and encouraging to feel motivated to come and study here. The institute should also be spacious and well-ventilated, with all the necessary facilities like computers, printers, etc., readily available.

All the points mentioned above will help you choose the best possible coaching center for yourself, one that is most likely to help you score well in your GRE. Good luck!