How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested – Tips to Make Him Crave You More

You want to know how to keep a Scorpio man interested. You’ve met a man like this and you’ve discovered just how disarming he can be. It’s easy to fall head over heels for a man born under this star sign. These men are fiercely loyal and once they love you, they envision it to be forever. When you’re in a serious relationship with a Scorpio man you don’t have to worry over whether the beautiful woman walking by will turn his head because he’ll be so focused on you. The problem is that once you experience this kind of love, you’re going to want to keep it forever. That’s why it’s so essential that you learn how to stay emotionally connected to him.

Understanding how to keep a Scorpio man interested involves recognizing things that you absolutely do not want to do. If you do something that hurts a man like this, he’ll have a very hard time letting it go. He may tell you that he’s forgiven and forgotten, but don’t be surprised if he uses it as emotional ammunition the next time you two have an argument. Instead of risking this, try to always be as honest and upfront with him as you can be. If you do something that you know will upset or anger him, be the one to tell him. He never wants to hear about your mistake from someone else. This can cause you to lose him in an instant.

If you’re the type of woman who is in complete control of her own life, you have to learn how to let some of that go for him. Scorpio men are masters of their own domain. They don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who will try and take the reins away from them. When it’s decision making time, let him lead the way. You should always share your opinion with him, but don’t come on too strong or try to persuade him to only see or do things your way. He’ll pull back if you act like this and the relationship will be doomed.

Never try and make your Scorpio man jealous. If you want to keep him interested, don’t play any games like this with him. Although you may feel the urge to flirt with someone else to increase your guy’s attention in you, don’t do it. You’ll soon regret it when he ends the relationship. If you want him to stay devoted to you, always be as devoted to him as you possibly can be. He needs and wants that from you.