Choosing a Profession in Entropia Universe

Choosing a Profession in Entropia Universe

A common misconception among new Entropia players is that if they want to become a tailor, for example, then they just need to go out and collect the required materials themselves. Unfortunately this does not work very well and soon the player with this strategy can get discouraged. The problem with collecting materials and components is that most are random mob drops and to hunt requires ammo, equipment and skill. The time and money spent on hunting could have been spent on gaining the items and skill on the actual profession that the player wanted in the first place.

Many aspects of Entropia mirror aspects of our own world. Not many tailors would start their profession by working on a sheep ranch. They would instead invest in some schooling, equipment and dedicate their time to learning the trade. The same actions should be taken by a player in Entropia.

Having said that, keep in mind that it is a game and being able to learn new skills and trades, changing professions and being able to let loose and gun down some critters are all integral parts. Don’t take the whole profession thing too seriously.

Just don’t try to do EVERYTHING. At least not at first. Pick the things that interest you the most and have fun. Most players will have to deposit money for some time before they are able to support their avatars in game. A large key to being self-sufficient is picking a ‘profession’ and sticking with it through the hard money sucking stages. Keep in mind that some of these professions can be much harder on the PED card than others. Just decide how much your willing to put into the game and what kind of activities you want to do.

Also, keep in mind, that not every profession is available to you. Not only will it be a strenuous drain on your PED Card to multi-class (so to speak), but some believe that characters have ‘selective professions’ meaning that they are naturally better at one profession over others. It isn’t quite known how this is determined, but just keep in mind, once you invest in a profession you should seek to continue to advance in it via accomplishing missions, reading about it, and continuing to skill.

If you follow these sage words of wisdom, you should have no problem developing your character into a consummate professional.