Boxhead Games Review – Boxhead Series of Games Published by Crazy Monkey Games

Boxhead Games Review – Boxhead Series of Games Published by Crazy Monkey Games

The Boxhead Games are a somewhat original series of zombie survival games created, published in flash and available to play free online at many gaming websites. Currently there are 5 games in the series with the latest and most successful being Boxhead The Zombie Wars. They were created by Sean Cooper, published by Crazy Monkey Games and can be categorized as 3rd person shooters or zombie survivals.

The first addition, Boxhead A Halloween Special varies to the rest in relation to the game objectives. You must guide civilians to safety through Zombie infested streets using whatever means necessary to defend them against flesh eating attacks. Your task is aided by a variety of powerful weapons, with the first being a pistol with unlimited ammunition and upgrades including an Uzi and a shotgun.

The first Boxhead game is fairly simple to play and does not provide the player with any sense of urgency or a challenge. It is still quite fun to go around shooting the sluggish flesh eating specimens with all sorts of weaponry, but I’d recommend playing one of the other superior sequels.

The 2nd game, Boxhead The Rooms scraps the whole idea of protecting others and moves onto self preservation as the main aim. Choosing one of 5 rooms, you must avoid the zombie attacks and dispose of them using one of many different means including powerful weapons such as the shotgun, grenades, explosive barrels and proximity mines.

The 2nd game has been polished up nicely compared to the first and is much more aesthetically. New weapons and upgrades are gradually obtained by killing a certain amount of zombies. One of the best weapons is the rocket launcher which is extremely powerful, however with power comes great caution and shooting it too near you can lead to a major loss of health.

Although the aim of the game is self preservation, the real aim is gaining a high score. Shooting one zombie down gains you 100 points, for everyone zombie disposed of in an allotted time afterwards your score exponentially increases. Should you fail to kill your next zombie in the given time, your next score will be less than your most recent. Obviously with the more powerful weapons it is much easier to gain a high score per kill.

The 2nd game is worth a play or two but can get a little tedious after a while and this also goes for the 3rd addition in the series – Boxhead More Rooms.

The title says it all; it’s the 2nd game all over but with more rooms. There are some additional features other than new levels such as difficult settings that weren’t available in the 2nd game.

You can choose between 4 difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and Nightmare, with Nightmare proving insanely impossible.

Boxhead 2 Play adds more weaponry, new upgrades, a choice between 4 characters, specific level settings and more levels. This all just about compensates for the poor main additional feature to More Rooms – the multiplayer options.

Although playing against each other or in a cooperative mode, runs smoothly, there is an extreme lack of level variety and space. The cooperative mode doesn’t even have a split screen, which means that both players are left battling away in a static one screen environment.

Boxhead The Zombie Wars is not surprisingly the best of the bunch, with the 2 play option scrapped and focus being exerted on better game play, wider monster variety, superior graphics and improved sound effects.

I recommend playing this addition the most out of all 5. It will give you a true feeling of how far flash shooting games have come, with flash developers and publishers now designing high quality free flash games that are rivaling paid games.

Game Verdict

To conclude, The Boxhead Game series provide a twist on the zombie survival genre, but that twist isn’t quite enough to bow down in awe to the games creators.

However the graphics will delight, especially in the final addition and coupled with great game play and sound effects plus very challenging difficulty levels, Boxhead Zombie Wars will certainly satisfy your thirst for shooting masochism.

o Playability: 9/10
o Graphics: 8/10
o Originality: 6/10
o Game Detail: 8/10
o Addictiveness: 7/10
o Final Score: 76%