Best Places To Travel Eastern Europe (The Ultimate Guide with Pictures)

Best Places To Travel Eastern Europe (The Ultimate Guide with Pictures)

Eastern Europe is a place that may not be as natural to visitors/travelers as in different parts of Europe. But it is indeed a gem of a place, simply holding on to being discovered. 

If you are brave enough to examine these areas of the world, you will be significantly rewarded with stunning scenes and great cuisine styles. 

It’s an area outside of what might be required for most Americans who like to adhere to important problems in Western Europe (which is, obviously, a superb locale also).

But if you like going to select countries that are not extremely well known, you should travel to Eastern Europe.

Croatia is the ideal place to reconnect with the wild this autumn
Croatia is the ideal place to reconnect with the wild this autumn!

Numerous places are using properly designed projects, and it’s impossible to see a large number of their excellent capital urban communities and little towns overwhelmed with vacationers. 

Eastern Europe is mainly created for a traveller or an explorer who likes to drench themselves in the nearby culture and meet new people around those counties in eastern Europe. 

Is Eastern Europe safe?

Anyone who has taken a secondary school history class including the twentieth century realizes that Eastern Europe has a wild history. 

Regardless of its new history, that could not be motivated to try not to travel out to Eastern Europe. Going through these areas is pretty much as protected as more unusual—European areas. 

However, that’s the sure thing you’ll be as protected in Eastern Europe as anywhere else in the world. There’s to a greater extent a language boundary rather than in more well-known urban communities like Rome.

The ideal way of going to Eastern Europe is to attempt to contact friendly local people who will give all expectations to help you in your journeys regardless of whether they know your language or not. 

If you need all the basic and specific travel to Eastern Europe tips, so you can find that through the travel book guide. Below are the top places in eastern Europe where you can visit without any difficulty. 


Poland is probably one of the better-known Eastern European countries. In light of current times: It’s straightforward to get around, and each side of the country has fascinating social aspects. 

If you love stunning palaces and drawing in urban areas, Poland is an absolute necessity visit, particularly for your initial passage into Eastern Europe.

Poland’s capital city Warsaw is trendy but at the same time has bits of its pre-war style. 

Despite being more modest than Warsaw, Krakow is a highly well-known city with visitors/ travelers.

If you enjoy traveling, trying out to visit Poland between June and August, it is the perfect season to visit. 


Hungary’s capital city is Budapest, there is something else to review in this lovely Eastern European country. 

You could begin your Hungarian experience in Budapest to take a gander at the city’s fascinating design.

Budapest’s parliament building is genuinely a significant and incredible sight. One of the better Eastern Europe venture-out tips is to unwind in one of Hungary’s numerous warm baths. 

If you like more peaceful areas, Pecs is a jewel of a Hungarian city with lovely demolitions and excellent views.

Moreover, pre-winter is a dazzling season to visit Hungary. The climate is energetic, but you will stay away from the huge summer crowds that dive in the country in July and August.


Croatia has been denoted as a famous aspiration for visitors/ travelers because of TV programs like Game of Thrones. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the show or not.

Croatia is worth a visit. With its incredible shoreline, Croatia draws in travelers with its many tour ports and beautiful seasides for the people who love relaxing and getting a touch of the sun.

Travel Eastern europe croatia

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most famous city for explorers, with its blend of a walled fort and sea views. If you like Roman design, Split is a great Croatian city to visit. 

Croatian cooking and their neighborhood wine will immediately turn into your new top choice for any foodie explorers.

Furthermore, Croatia is packed in the late spring because of its delightful seashores and islands. But if you visit in September, you will have warm summer temperatures. 


Slovenia is a Small however strong, place to visit in eastern Europe. Its capital city Ljubljana has a delightful and enchanting old town that has been famous all year.

Slovenia is an especially great aspiration in case you’re an admirer of nature. From its refreshing lakes to its mountain tops. 

Slovenia Eastern Europe Travel

you will find numerous astounding open-air activities. Lake Bled is a great location, assuming you need to see a wonderful blue lake and expressive snow-covered mountains.

In addition, Slovenia is best for visitors/ travelers throughout the late spring months when the climate is more predictable than all over the remainder of the year. 

Despite the mid-year seasons, it is still somewhat uncrowded, even compared with some different places in Eastern Europe.


Bulgaria is not an especially famous country with visitors/ travelers. The government is loaded with average worth and excellent tourist spots. 

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, is a great spot to begin your Bulgarian experience.

Bulgaria beauty of eastern travel europe

Thinking you need to reach out and see a more significant amount of the country requires a couple of days to review its Black Seashore. 

However, as per the detailed research of Bulgaria, it is being observed that the summer is a superb opportunity to visit Bulgaria. 

Even if you love to ski, Bulgaria’s colder time of year ski resorts are stunning and more than worth the outing, especially in December and March.’


Macedonia is a lovely Eastern European country, but at the same time is one of the least-visited countries in Eastern Europe. There are just two air terminals in the entire region.

So it tends to be hard to get there, however, when you do, the ideal way of exploring the country is by road transport.

Mountains generally cover the country view. It offers a lot of stunning perspectives, particularly for the people who love to test their photography abilities while they’re traveling to eastern Europe.

However, many travelers believe Macedonia has a charming environment, so it’s brilliant to visit during the less jam-packed mid-year months.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, it is necessary to follow up few pros and cons or tips before you leave for the tour to eastern Europe. 

Accomplish something you can tell your grandchildren about. Eastern Europe may not shout experience first thing, but when you think about the slightly dark and ignored seasides and mountains.