Benefits of Elite Archery Bows

Picking the right bow for you can be a little bit overwhelming, there are tons of brands in the market today and if you’re a newbie in the sport, it can be confusing. If you are into bow hunting, you may want to put an emphasis on the arm length and physical weight of the bow. You want something that’s not so heavy since you’ll be carrying it around through the wilderness. On the other hand, if you’re a target archer, you may want to consider longer bows for you to improve your stability and ease of draw. Whatever your needs are, elite archery bows will never disappoint you. One specific thing I like about this brand is it offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty which means that the makers stand behind the workmanship and overall quality of their bows.

“Speed without Compromise”, that’s what the Elite Judge promises. It has 6″ brace height, 34 7/8″ axle to axle and an IBO Speed of 343 to 347 FPS. It is set with the draw stops all the way out for the highest letoff. The bow draws similar to the gt-500 except for its valley and the letoff is 08.5 Z-28. You simply have the best of both worlds with this bow. If you want a smoother draw then the Elite Z28 is for you. The Revolution Cam System was specifically designed for this bow. It only weighs 4.0 lbs and the IBO speed is 316-320 FPS.

The makers of Elite Archery Bows make sure that every archer will see the pride and detail that they have taken to give you only the best bows. Now you can truly feel how to shoot like a champ!