Basic Things You Should Know When Traveling Through Eastern Europe

There’s nothing like a good holiday to reset your mood and mindset. Changing your surroundings and traveling abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons and experience something new. In 2022, there’s no better part of the world to visit than Eastern Europe, and for good reason! Eastern European countries are drenched in history and culture, affordable and beautiful. But before you hop on that plane, there are a few things you need to know about traveling to Eastern Europe.

Whether you’re going on a family vacation or have decided on a solo backpacking journey through Eastern Europe, this list has got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about when traveling through Eastern Europe. Grab your passport and a pen and jot down these killer tips to have the best trip ever!

Plan out your trip in advance

Apart from researching visas and paperwork, it’s always a good idea to plan out your trip in advance if you’re coming to Eastern Europe. There is so much to see and do in the Balkan Countries and Eastern Europe, that you need to research and plan ahead to fit it all into your schedule! From gorgeous natural landscapes, lakes, and mountain ranges to bustling cities and markets. From exciting clubs and nightlife to beautiful historical relics, museums, and architecture.

Look into the prices and working times of certain places and attractions to stay on the safe side. If you’re passing through a few countries, look up the best travel routes and book in advance to avoid getting ripped off. Make sure to research all the necessary documents such as visas and covid passes, as things can differ from country to country in the eastern bloc.

Be mindful of the culture

One of the many beautiful parts of traveling is that you get to experience a culture different from your own. Although this can be fun and fascinating it can get uncomfortable if you’re not briefed before your journey. The locals in any country have their own way of doing things, and Eastern Europeans are no different. Things like haggling in markets are common in Eastern European countries as well as staying in town till 2 am on a Wednesday.

A general rule of thumb is to check what the cultural norms are before landing at your destination. Look up everything from tipping and public transport etiquette to dress codes in monasteries. If you’re a woman planning to visit some local churches and cathedrals, make sure to bring a scarf to cover yourself with.

Keep an eye on your belongings

As it is in Western Europe, Eastern Europe has its own fair share of pickpockets and scammers. When traveling through the eastern block or the Balkans, keep an eye on your belongings. Don’t leave your bags unattended in crowded places and keep your belongings close to you on public transport.

It’s important to remember to be mindful of certain political tensions present in the area when traveling. Eastern Europe is rich with history and political disagreements and struggles, some of which are recent. Be mindful of the history of the country you’re visiting, and you should be fine. Don’t let the media fool you, towns in Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovenia are some of the safest to visit in the world!

Drink responsibly

Something important to keep in mind about Eastern Europeans is that they love their alcohol! Eastern Europeans are friendly and hospitable and love to have a good time drinking. The drinking culture in Eastern Europe is different from the rest of the world and heavy drinking amongst locals is common. Many foreigners make the mistake of not knowing their limits, going too far, ruining their trip

A lot of alcoholic beverages in this part of the world are as strong as they are tasty, so keep that in mind! Remember to drink responsibly and stay hydrated with plenty of water! Also, be mindful of the tap water as not all countries in Eastern Europe have safe, drinkable tap water. Make sure to buy drinkable water, or bring a kettle to boil your own to be safe.

So there you have it! Keep these simple points in mind and you’re sure to have the journey of a lifetime on your next trip to Eastern Europe. Make sure to plan out your trip in advance and don’t forget anything from your travel itinerary to your visas. While on your travels, be mindful of the rich Eastern European cultures to make the most of your trip.

Keep an eye on your belongings and be mindful of the political history of the country you’re visiting. Last but not least enjoy your time with the friendly locals, but remember to drink responsibly and stay hydrated! Happy travels!

Basic Things You Should Know When Traveling Through Eastern Europe