Archery Sights and Why They’re a Crucial Component

The bow and arrow has been around for thousands of years, dating back to roughly 10,000 BC. The bow was used as a major advantage in self-defense among ancient civilizations. However, in those days, they only knew the art of instinctive shooting, meaning that the archer had to solely rely on their subconscious perception in order to vitally execute the shot with accuracy. While there are many archery enthusiast today who still love and have virtually mastered this traditional style of shooting, for everyone else the bow sight has worked wonders as it has evolved remarkably over the centuries.

Bow sights for hunting include a plethora of options when it comes to manufacturers, models, features and prices. There are single pin vertical as well as multi pin vertical bow sights in which some companies have solely focused on this style of archery sight based on popularity. Then there are those who prefer the horizontal pin sights as they can provide accuracy at longer ranges by providing multiple pins, usually in ten yard increments. Then along came the pendulum sight which took the market by storm as it automatically compensates for the elevation adjustment which all those hunting from a tree stand would come to appreciate. The pendulum is a vertical single pin bow sight that will move itself once properly adjusted, to accommodate shooters in an elevated position, most of these models can also be locked into position when shooting from the ground as well.

Competition archery sights can be a little more complex and a whole lot more pricey. While most of these manufacturers make these professional sights their main focus, almost all of them offer a lineup for the bow hunter as well. Competition sights are generally built with much more quality grade material and offer a much broader array of options that isn’t offered in traditional hunting sights. Now, you could most definitely use these sights for hunting, however, they tend to be much bulkier and can get hung up on brush or other debris. In short, they’re just not very ideal when you’re in the field. Make no mistake though, there are plenty of bow hunting sights on the market that are made of superb quality.

One focus that all archery sight manufacturers share together is the ability to provide visibility in low light conditions. Over the years, these companies have mastered this through fiber optics by being able to harness the natural light and then project it into the pins, making them illuminate. There are many different sights that also have a ring around the inside of the housing which illuminates as well. By providing light in archery sights, it makes it exceptionally ideal considering most wild game tends to become more active toward dusk.

It is critical to find a bow sight that is reliable and rugged. One that can stand the test of time and be passed down for generations. Given the many options that are available in today’s archery world, there are multiple makes and models on the market that are custom tailored to fit everyone’s specific needs.