Archery: 3 More Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Shot

Archery: 3 More Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Shot

In this article, I have listed 3 more bad habits, the effects they have on your shot, and the simple answers to fixing the problem.

Bad Habit #1 – Plucking – Plucking your string is a bad habit that even the most seasoned archer can make. Plucking your string is a process of your release. When you pluck your string, your hand moves away from your face upon the release of the string. This results in the string moving sporadically, which results in inconsistent arrow flight. This is due to the string moving left and right rather than simply pushing forward to release the arrow.

Identification: The result of plucking the string will be your arrows hitting to the right or the left of your intended mark. Plucking should not have an effect on the vertical placement of your arrow. An easy way to identify this bad habit is to look at the position of your string hand after you have release your arrow. If your hand is pulled away from your face, you are plucking the string.

The Fix: Keep in mind that your form does not stop at your anchor. your follow through should follow along the path of the “Archers T”.

Bad Habit #2 – Peek-A-Boo – Many bad habits can be developed by training, lack of training, and over training, but the Peek-a-boo is an easy fix. By correcting this common bad habit you will increase both your archery shot accuracy and consistency. The Peek-A-Boo is the process of dropping your entire form to watch the arrow fly before the arrow clears the bow. By doing this you may be kicking out the tail of the arrow and changing it’s flight path.

Identification: The result of the Peek-A-Boo will can be different every time. Your arrow will never hit the same place twice which makes this problem almost impossible to identify by looking at the arrow placement. You will have to pay attention to the position of the archer at the end of the shot to identify this bad habit. If you are no longer looking through the bow when the arrow hits the target you are more than likely doing the Peek-A-Boo.

The Fix: When you release your arrow hold your position and maintain your sight picture until the arrow reaches the target. Don’t drop your bow away from your face until you hear that arrow hit.

Bad Habit #3 – Turkey Necking – Turkey Necking is the process of moving your neck to meet the string rather than holding your position and pulling the string to meet your anchor point. This is a bad habit that most often happens when the archer is fatigued or over-bowed. When you are Turkey Necking, you are moving your anchor point which will result in an inconsistent shot group.

Identification: Turkey Necking usually results in your arrow hitting lower than your intended mark. If you don’t have a friend to watch you shoot and point this out for you; you can set up a video camera to record your practices.

The Fix: If you are Turkey Necking and believe that you are fatigued, you should stop your practice right then and there and try again later. You can implement aiming drills into your practices session to build endurance if you believe that you are over-bowed.