2 Facts About Burnt Whiskey Couples’ Cabin

The 1200 square foot lovers’ cottage called Burnt Whiskey was designed with romanticism. However, after monitoring visitors for five years and learning what they value, we developed a hidden design on two quiet woodland acres. As a result, you now have the ideal two-person vacation, up to a maximum occupancy of two.

On the second level of Burnt Whiskey is a freestanding, deep-soaking cast iron slipper tub. This level has been designated as an outdoor spa, and both sides of the floor feature covered balconies with screens. The doors are open, allowing visitors to take a bath comfortably.

The Burnt Whiskey cabin is ideal whether you’re seeking a romantic retreat or a spot to stay the night with your significant other. This cabin has a freestanding cast iron slipper tub on the second floor, built with romance in mind. The cabin also features a large stone fireplace and a wood-burning stove adding to the romantic atmosphere.

Romantic atmosphere

Located in the beautiful western Pennsylvania countryside, Burnt Whiskey couples’ cabin is a perfect place to spend your next romantic getaway. Located in Beavers Bend Broken Bow cabins, this cabin is ideal for two adults who want to get away from it all and spend quality time together. It features one private bathroom, a full kitchen, and a cozy living room with a fireplace. This cabin was built with romance in mind and will provide you and your significant other with the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors.

Burnt Whiskey couples’ cabin is located on two private wooded acres. The cabin’s interior is approximately 1200 square feet, with two bedrooms and a full kitchen. There are also double French doors, which allow you to take in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors while you’re relaxing in your spa. You’ll also enjoy a soaking tub and cast iron slipper tub to enjoy your bath in style. It’s also perfect for couples who want to spend time outdoors in the beautiful Western Pennsylvania countryside.

Built with romance in mind

Burnt Whiskey is a cabin built with romance in mind in the woods. The cabin boasts several unique features, including a dedicated floor spa, a 32-inch HD television, and an impressively large outdoor living space with a flat-screen TV and fireplace. The cabin also has a lavish bathroom, a freestanding cast iron slipper tub, and a ton of additional luxuries that make it the ideal choice for a romantic weekend. You can also try your luck at a private indoor pool. In addition, a two-person table in the kitchen serves as a perfect place to have your romantic meal.

A separate bathroom and a sink are also situated in the loft. You may watch a 32′ HD smart TV, a Blu-ray player, or a reading light from the tub or the leather chair. Additionally, the loft has a 30′ gaming table with a selection of board games. The loft’s ceiling fans on either side help to maintain the ideal temperature all year round.

A private king-sized bedroom with a 40″ HD smart TV is downstairs, and the living room has a 50″ HD TV with a gas fireplace. And programs on HD Dish. The kitchen is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and appliances. A brand-new, opulent hot tub is housed in a partial wraparound.

The Burnt Whiskey also boasts other noteworthy features, including a private toilet room, a relaxing recliner, and a screened-in balcony. In addition, the cabin is located in the mountains of North Carolina, making it an excellent destination for couples who enjoy the outdoors.